Monday, August 31, 2009

Sleeping Baby

I love pictures of sleeping babies! She looks just like an angel. We love you Kaylee Nicole! Our precious little gift from God.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

And the winners are.....

The Nevada directors of the National American Miss Miss Nevada pageant retired from running the Miss Nevada pageant and the national office didn't find a replacement in time so they did not have an actual pageant this year. Instead they did what is called the appointed program. Brooke and Jessie had to complete an application with a resume and answer two essay questions. Then Brent and I had to answer an essay questions about them. They also had to submit a photo and then they each had a 15 minute phone interview with the judge. Brooke had 36 girls competing in her age division and Jessie had 25 (I think I remember that right). And...they both won. I was actually pretty surprised when I got the phone call that they had BOTH been selected. Brooke is the very youngest of her age group this year so I just thought it would be good interview practice for her. They both did amazing. We are so proud of them! Nationals HERE COME THE EDDY'S!
They got to travel to the Miss California pageant to be crowned there. Here are some pictures from the trip. Just the girls went and we had a great time.Miss Nevada Princess Queen Jessie Eddy
Miss Nevada Jr. Pre Teen Queen Brooke EddyKaylee Nicole was so cute and fun. Everyone just LOVED her!Posing for a picture! (Future Miss Nevada)
This pageant stuff is ROUGH!

And the new Miss Nevada Jr Pre Teen Queen is Brookie Eddy.
Being crowned.
Miss Nevada Jr. Pre Teen Queen Brooke Eddy.
Our new Miss Nevada Princess Queen is Jessie Eddy!
It's official!
Miss Nevada Princess Queen Jessie Eddy.
Jessie personal introduction.
Brooke formal wear.Brooke formal wear.
Jessie formal wear.
Jessie formal wear.
Brooke personal introduction.
Kaylee Nicole playing "Let's get away from Mom".
Jessie at production number rehersal.
Brooke rocking out to "Rockstar" at the production number rehersal.
Jessie and Kaylee Nicole.
Jessie before final show in production number outfit.
We are good friends with the Longbrake's and Taylor won the Miss California Pre Teen Queen title. Brooke and Jessie were so excited for her.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

First Day of School

I do NOT like it when summer ends. I LOVE having my kids home with me all day, everyday! We tried not to go too many places this summer so that we could just spend time at home as a family. The summer still seemed to go by so fast. There are a few good things about school starting again. My house stays cleaner and everyone is back on a routine. During the summer it seems like I clean constantly and the house is still a mess. We also seem to eat meals and go to bed at all kinds of strange times. Well it was a fun and memorable summer and I'm so sad to see it end!My four super cute cuties! Brookie, Kaylee Nicole, Braden and Jessie.
Brookie is in 3rd grade this year and has team teachers, Mrs. Huff and Mrs. Sullivan. She was not excited for school to start. She just wanted it to stay summer!
Brookie's backpack. WOW! This backpack has a story! Brookie LOVES to go shopping and loves to try EVERYTHING on. She had the hardest time picking out a backpack this year. She knew she wanted an aqua backpack and did not want one that had only one strap. We looked at about 100 backpacks in about 5 different stores. Finally, the night before school we were in Ross and I told her she had to choose one here or she wouldn't have a backpack for school because I wasn't going to anymore stores. We walked in the store and Brooke went to the backpack and wahla there was an aqua backpack with two straps!
Jessie is going to be in 1st grade this year and her teacher is Ms. Stiner. She is really excited to be going to school with Brookie and being able to ride the bus. When I was fixing her hair she said that she wishes that she was still going to Capital Christian. I asked her why and she said she still wanted Mrs. Litz to be her teacher. After I told her that if she were still at Capital Christian she wouldn't have Mrs. Litz again and she wouldn't get to ride the bus and she decided Pinion Hills was going to be OK.
Jessie's backpack. Jessie does NOT like to shop. She is like her Papa Telford. She went into the very first store and said. I want that purple one with the fuzzy peace sign. I asked her if she was sure or wanted to try it on or anything and she said, "Nope, that's the one I want. Can we go now?"
Braden's muscles!Braden's backpack. I'm not sure what he had packed in there but it was full of something!
Little Kaylee Nicole. I don't know what she is giong to do all day without her Brookie! She prefers Brookie to everyone, even me!
(That is a sticker by her eye...Brookie had one on too. I just wanted to mention that so noone asked what was wrong with her eye!)

Breakfast on the first day of school. Brent is awesome. He gets up and makes a homemade breakfast every morning before school. It's a great routine. Brent does breakfast and I do hair!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Braden Michael's 3rd Birthday

Our little boy is turning into a big boy. He is 3 years old now and all potty trained...even at night! He was so excited for August 16th, he'd tell everyone. "I'm 2 on August 16th I'm 3." He had such a fun birthday. We love you so much buddy!
A donut AND hot chocolate in bed.
Braden kept saying he got a BIG hot chocolate because he was BIG now!
Kaylee Nicole got Braden Twizzlers and gum.
More cars from Aunt Kara.
A big Nurf dart gun from Jessie.
Heavy Heavy Hang Over....
Braden had LOTS of help!
Braden and Grandpa are the BEST BUDDIES ever!
Brent set up a treasure hunt for Braden's present from him. It was a Spiderman Bike. He was so funny running from clue to clue.
My four kidos! We sure love em!
Braden LOVES his new Spiderman Bike.
Back: Nana, Aunt Kara, Daddy, Kaylee Nicole, Mommy and Grandpa
Front: Jessie, Braden and Brookie
Blowing out his candles.
Licking the candles is the best part! Braden wanted a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. So easy and Nana brought a Spiderman candle for the top.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


We decided we just didn't have enough to do! So...we decided to buy a competitive cheer club!

Just kidding! (About the not having enough to do, not about buying a cheer club!) The all-star competitive cheer club where Brooke has been cheering for the last several years was going to be closing it's doors and Brooke absolutely LOVED cheering and Jessie was so excited to be able to finally be on the mini's and able to compete. Well we just couldn't let it close! So we bought it! Actually, we put ALOT of thought and planning into this before hand and so good!

We are the Silver Spirit All-Stars and it is competitive cheerleading (think ESPN)! There are three squad's this year. Mini's Level 1, Juniors Level 3, and Seniors Level 2. Brooke is cross competing on both the Mini's and the Juniors Squad and Jessie is on the Mini's Squad. There are a total of 45 girls competing in 55 different spots (several girls, like Brookie, are cross competing).

In order to cut costs we moved the club location and we are now located in the back of Line Drive University Sporting Facility (only 2 miles from my house). The front of the facility has batting cages and t-ball cages and pitching mounds and putt putt golf. Both Brent and Braden love it because while the girls cheer they play golf or Braden hits balls.

Through this experience so far I have learned that it really does matter more "who you know" than "what you know". And Brent knows everyone! So we have gotten some great breaks and publicity and the set up and transition actually ran very smooth. Don't get me wrong it was a lot of hours and a lot of work but I can imagine how much more it could have been. Here is an article that was in our local paper. (Full page and in color! The guy who did the article is one of Brent's former students...See what I mean...everyone knows Brent...and better yet, everyone LOVES Brent.)

We fly choreographers in for the week (one from Los Angeles and one from Phoenix) and they teach the squads their new routines. Here are some pictures and video's from that week. I will post some pics and video's from some competitions so you can see the final product.
Junior's Squad (Brookie is the one on the left in the gray. The little one. LOL)
Junior's squad again. Brookie is the one in the middle of the V. Grey shirt, green shorts...again, the little one! She is the youngest on the squad by a few years but she has her tumbling and is easy to fly so she gets to be on the squad.
Junior's squad. Brooke is flying in the back left pod. This will be a full extension. Fun for Brookie...scary for Mommy!
Mini's squad. Brooke in the front with her hands in a high V. Jessie is in the white tank with green shorts in the back in front of the tall girl in blue. (Getting ready to fly.)
Mini's Squad (Brookie pulling her bow and arrow...kind of! Just wait for the comp photo...she'll have it! Guaranteed...Brooke is a very ambition little girl and LOVES a challenge!)
Mini's Squad (Brookie and Jessie)
Senior's Squad. My girls aren't on this squad but here is a pic anyway! They are really good!
Braden taking a break from hitting balls to check out what's going on in the back.

Choreography week is a very long and hard week. The girls learn their entire routine in one week and it is very tiring both physically and mentally. We decided to have a "end of choreography week bowling party" for the girls and their families. It was a total hit. The girls had so much fun celebrating the end of a hard week.Brookie bowling.
Jessie bowling. Jessie is our little bowler. I think she outlasted every single person there!
Coach Halee. We absolutely LOVE her!
Kaylee Nicole
Braden had one ROUGH week of choreography.
Brooke and Jessie with another Mini and some of the cheer girls little brothers.
Video of Senior Squad learning one of their dance sections.

Video of Junior Squad learning their pyramid.
(Brookie is on the right side in the gray shirt and green short with pigtails.)

Video of Mini's Squad learning one of their stunts into one of their dance sections.