Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Lunch with Jessie

Braden and Jessie and I surprised Jessie at school with lunch. We took her favorite a Spicy Italian Sub with spicy mustard and everything but green peppers on it! She was really excited.
Lil Nic Nic, Jessie and Braden
Jessie and her friend Monserratt

Brookie and Nikki

Brookie is so cute with Nikki. She loves to comb her hair and Brookie just suffers through it. She never complains.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Brent's 35th...I mean 36th Birthday!

Brent LOVES being a dad!
This year for his birthday the kids each did a trick he requested instead of playing spin the bottle. It was a fun birthday!
Birthday guests:
Bob, Linda, April
Kaylee Cole, Brookie, Jessie, Brent, Braden
Crazy Faces!!!
Okay...about the title...I bought candles for the cake for 35!!! Haha...Brent's turning 36!
(At least I didn't get a 37!)Lots of help blowing!
New pants from Jessie for Daddy.
Jessie's back handsprings for Daddy.
A new Sunday shirt from Brookie.
Brookie's back handsprings for Daddy.
Braden's handstand for Daddy.
Braden got Brent a YoYo. He was so excited!
Heavy Heavy Hang Over from Nikki.

Nic Nic's trick for Daddy!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Kaylee Nicole's First Pageant

Kaylee Nicole participated in her first Cinderella pageant. She just entered as score card so she wasn't competing. Just received judges comments. She just ate up the stage...LOVED it! Every judge gave her a 5 in every category....she's gonna be another little pageant princess!
Getting ready for casual wear.

Waiting for play time / judges observation.

Water break! Pageant stuff is exhausting!

Brookie, Nikki and Mommy walking out for partywear collective judging.

Play time / group judging.
Jessie and Brookie were reigning royalty as this prelim so they got to help. Jessie is on the far left in the yellow and blue dress, and Brookie in the matching yellow and blue dress is to the right.

Jessie in the blue dress leading the Pledge of Allegiance. Brookie holding the flag. (She's in her cheer uniform because she performed right after the pledge.)

Jessie playing "Yankee Doodle" on the piano for her royalty talent.

She is becoming quite the little pianist. She practices hard and it is showing! Everyone was very impressed!

Brookie performed with her stunt pod for her royalty talent.

Full extention to a full down.
Toe touch basket. They can sure launch her!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Time Out for Women

Thank you so much to my wonderful mother who knows just what I need sometimes. She flew Christine and I to Idaho to attend a woman's conference in Boise with her. She pampered us the entire weekend and the conference was so uplifting! I came home refreshed and ready to be a better wife and mother! I love you mom!
Just us girls at the conference.
We walked around the Boise temple one afternoon. Temple grounds are always SOOO beautiful!
Christine and I at the temple.

We drove out to Jake and Jessie's one day. They were'nt home so we took a picture and sent it to Jake. He replied that he was in Reno! Haha!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Romo and Noodles

Noodles in Romo jerseys. Braden was so cute. When Braden got a new jersey he gave his old one to Nic Nic. They love to wear them so they match.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Stay at home Mommy

I LOVE the opportunity that I have to be a stay at home Mommy! I'm sad that I have to send Brookie and Jessie off to school everyday. Before you know it I will have to stay home with no little kidos to keep me company. I'm striving to cherish every at home day I have with my kids.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Braden and Lola

Braden and Lola having a nap.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Lil Nic Nic turns 2

Our precious little baby is 2 years old! Everyone we meet just falls in love with Kaylee Nicole. She has an amazing vocabulary and talks so well for a 2 year old. She has a very high pitched loud voice. She demands attention! She knows all her colors and counts pretty well. Thanks to Dora she even throws in a few numbers in Spanish here and there. She loves the color pink and changes her clothes all the time. She goes through about 20 outfits a day. She loves sparkly and dresses. She loves lipstick! Her favorite thing is Dora. She loves Dora everything! She is definetly the baby of our family and everyone jumps to give her whatever it is she wants. Braden plays so well with her when the girls are at school. She is sweet with everyone in the family but her Brookie Boo is definetly her favorite. "Brookie do it" is a common phrase around our house. We love you so much our Nikki, Lil Nic Nic, Nikki Cole, Kaylee Nic. My little Kaylee Nicole!!!
Donuts in bed!!!!!
Nikki's favorite is maple bars.
Good Morning! (Not sure why they are having the donuts in Braden's bed??)

Favorite present was from Auntie Bean and Uncle Jared: Her OWN pack of PINK gum!
Heavy Heavy Hang Over
Pink pettiskirt from Auntie Jen.
Two dolls: One from Mommy and One from Nana. The doll bed from Nana too.
Dora jammies!
Mommy and Kaylee Nicole

Pink cupcakes in the shape of a 2

Yummy pink frosting.

Birthday guest:
Auntie Bean, Uncle Jared, Nana, Grandpa, Daddy, Mommy
Jessie Pie, Braden, Nic Nic, Brookie Boo