Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Garden 2009--Our little bit of farming

Our garden gets bigger and better every year. But the better the plants grow; the better the weeds grow. We planted a lot of different things this year and pretty much everything turned out great. We still have not gotten any good carrots but maybe with the soil getting better every year we will get them someday. This year we planted corn, tomatoes, radishes, green onions, the other onions (???), cilantro, jalapenos, carrots, peas, beans, 3 kinds of squash, cucumbers, melons, bell peppers and I'm sure some things I'm forgetting. Well it turned out great this year. Brent has set up an automatic watering system so we can be gone for weeks at a time and it still gets just the right amount of water. The only problem was the weeds! But it provides a great job for the kids. And although Brent probably wouldn't admit it, I think he likes weeding the garden. Well the garden this year was a success...maybe he could be a farmer after all!!!!I think this is a radish.
Kaylee Nicole trying out an onion.She likes it! She really did like it. She knawed on it all evening and screamed when I finally took it away.
Braden is always daddys big helper. He loves being in the garden with him. Not sure what is up with the bike helmet. We weren't riding bikes!Braden hauling some dirt.
Brent weeding and weeding and weeding and......
Brookie and Jessie hiding in the corn.
Jessie trying a green onion. Jessie and Brent and quite possible Kaylee Nicole love raw onions!
WoW! That radish is huge! We had tons of radishes this year. They all came so early though. We couldn't keep up and some just got big and yucky. Next year we are going to try doing two plantings a few weeks apart so we can enjoy them longer.
Brookie cannot believe that Kaylee Nicole is eating an onion!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Camping with the Rheads

We went camping for Jessie's birthday this year. We went to Grovers Hot Springs in California. It is about 30 minutes from our house. It was so much fun. We went up on Thursday night and then on Friday the Rhead family joined us for the second night. There was a hot springs pool there we swam in. It was such a fun little family trip! So nice to get away for a few days and enjoy God's wonderful creations.
Eddy familyEddy's and the Rhead'sBraden is potty training and at home if he is outside Brent just has him "pee on a rock". Well Braden found some great rocks to pee on in our campsite.
They had some big rocks right by our campground that Trevor and Brookie spent a long time climbing.
Trevor, Auntie Jen, Braden and Brookie
Braden climbing the rocks.
There was also a big hill that Paige and Jessie had fun racing their bikes down.
Kaylee Nicole and the Doritos was some great entertainment for her
Jessie and Braden
Jessie, Brookie, Braden and Paige

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Jessie's 6th Birthday

A new tradition that Brent started with the kids a few years ago. A donut and breakfast in bed on their birthday!Braden was SOOO excited to take the donut to Jessie. She was having a hard time waking up.
Braden, Jessie and Brookie
A LONG donut with chocolate. Jessie's favorite.

Then we went camping with one of our best family friends, the Rheads (another post on that later). It was Paige's birthday the same weekend. She was turning 7. We had a birthday camping trip. We had the best time. Happy Birthday beautiful Jessie!
Heavy heavy hang over
Thy poor head.
What do you wish the giver
With a bump on the head?
Yeah! Hannah Montana CD's for both girls. They LOVE Hannah Montana!
But wait....there's more....
Tickets to see Miley Cyrus (a.k.a. HANNAH MONTANA) Live in Las Vegas for a girls weekend with moms and sisters!
The BEST birthday EVERRRRRRR!!!
Pinata time!
Trevor, Paige, Jessie, Brookie, Kylie and Braden
Cupcakes made by Auntie Jen for the birthday girls.
and everyone else. Yummy!
Braden, Kylie, Jessie, Kaylee Nicole, Paige, Brookie and Trevor
Kaylee Nicole enjoying a sucker from the pinata'

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Harry Potter Movie . . . I mean ties!

I have a new and dear friend, Valerie Page. I so admire her total dedication to a "theme". I am a theme girl and she blows me out of the water.

Here is a picture of our "Harry Potter Night" with homemade (by Valerie of course) Harry Potter look alike ties.

I know that my little sister, Christine, is freaking out right now because she has tried to get me into Harry Potter since it's debut. We have even started the first movie about 3 times together in my honest effort to catch the rave...but all three times I didn't even make it 30 minutes before I was sleeping (hey! having kids is hard!).

So not to disappoint my little sis. I didn't see movie #4. I only made it to the dinner and then drove home with Jenniffer while the rest went to the movie. We had been camping that weekend and I had had some car trouble to figure out before morning.

So although I looked the part and had a great time with my friends at dinner...I am still not a true "Harry Potterer"!

Thanks for the fun night Valerie!
Arian, Valerie, Erinn, April, Jenniffer

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Pirates on the Beach and Tutu's and Tennies

My friend Shelly owns a portrait studio Little People Portraits in Carson City. She is an amazing photographer! Here is a link to her website. If you live near here you should check it out. Anyway, she has my kids model for her sometimes for upcoming specials she will be running. Here are some of my little model Braden for Pirate on the Beach and a few of Jessie for Tutu's and Tennies. (not sure where the rest of Jessie's went???)

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Telford Family Reunion Days 3 & 4

We had such an amazing time on the family vacation this year. We went to Stanley, Idaho and stayed at Desaree's (Aaron's wife) family ranch. It was perfect. There were so many activities for all of the cousins. Brent and I and our kids look forward to this week all year long. It is so much fun to be with family and all the cousins. My kids love camping and being able to be outdoors. The only downside was Jessie got VERY VERY sick. On the 3rd day she started to get a fever and it just got higher and higher. She didn't have any other symptons. She just layed there feeling crummy while we tried everything to keep her fever down. When we got back to Nevada we took her to the Dr. and she had a severe bladder infection. Poor thing. Even after she got on antiobotics it was still 2 more days before her fever left. One night it got to 106 degrees. It was very scary! She is all better now and I'm really thankful that Brent was able to give her a blessing with my dad and some of my brothers. We can't wait until next years vacation. It is mine and Brent's turn to be in charge again and I'm already planning!

The days are in the wrong order but they just upload that way and it takes me too long to change them.

My brother Aaron got to baptize Kegan on the vacation on the 4th of July. It is a family tradition of Des's family to have them baptized in the river. It was such a neat experience and I'm so glad we got to be a part of it. We love you Kegan!Braden and Justin at the baptism.
We went to Redfish Lake on the 4th in the early afternoon before the baptism. Jessie was not doing well at all. She got up to take the picture but layed on a towel the rest of the time. Poor thing. We could not figure out what was wrong.
I sure love these four patriotic kidos.
Brookie and Ashley on the boat.
Brooke caught this huge butterfly with a net and then held it on her hand. It just sat there.
Justin, Jaci, and Braden playing at the lake.
There was a bike parade on the 4th in Stanley. It was the shortest parade ever. It consisted of 1 block. It was perfect for the kids. I think they spent about 10x decorating their bikes as they did in the actual parade. Brookie with her red/white/blue decorated bike for the bike parade.
Brookie and Braden at the bike parade. I stayed at the ranch with Jessie. We had her in a bath trying to get her fever down some. Brent took the kids to the bike parade. Thanks Aunt Mijken for the pictures.
Red/White/Blue popcycles after the parade. Claire, Brooke, Braden, Emma, Ashley
Kaylee Nicole back at the ranch after the bike parade. (And Justin)
Fireworks. Braden with a sparker. There were TONS of sparklers. The kids got to light sparkler after sparkler after sparkler.
Brookie. After the sparklers we sat on the huge lawn and watched the fireworks. It was so much fun. We packed up and drove to my parents house after the fireworks. Jessie was very sick and we couldn't get her fever to go below 102 even with Motrin and Tylenol it would spike to around 104 every few hours.

DAY 3Braden's roasted marshmellow!
That is ALOT of cousins on one 4-wheeler. Everytime a 4-wheeler would start it would be mobbed by little kids. Uncle Tyler was such a good sport.
We drove to a ghost town near Stanley called Custer. It was an old mining town. On the way home we got a flat tire. How many Telford's does it take to help Brent change our flat tire?
Kaden and Braden sleeping on the way to the ghost town.
Jessie in the old school house. This is the day she started to get really sick. She actually looks really good here. She was starting to battle her high fever.
Panning for gold. From left Ryan, Jared, Desaree, Kegan, Cody, Jessie and Brent.
Sydney, Jaci, and Brookie panning for gold.
Most of the time we spent just hanging out at the ranch. There was so much for everyone to do. Ryan showing Brent how to whittle a whistle. Brent got pretty good at it.
I know, there is no end to his talents!
Tayson pushing Kaylee Nicole...he is only 2 months older than her!
Braden playing in a little pond.
Aunt Jenna...I think she could totally handle twins!
Brookie and Jenicah (Des's sister)
Jessie and Jenicah
Braden and Jenicah
The ranch was so beautiful (so was Kaylee Nicole).
Jessie and Alaina sleeping in. They stayed up way to late, they needed the rest.