Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A baby shower for Perfect Paige

My brother, Mark, and his wife, Paige, are expecting their first little baby. I was so excited that she allowed me the honor of putting on a shower for her. She's gonna be such a good mommy....I can't wait for the phone call that my newest little niece has arrived! I hope she had a wonderful time. I had a fabulous time throwing it!Thank you to all my sis-in-laws that helped me so much to throw such a beautiful shower for Paige. I love calling you all family!
Sara holding Tason, Desaree, me and Kaylee Nicole, Paige, Mijken and my mom in the back.
A friend who really wanted in the picture and Brookie and Ashley in the front.Brooke, Auntie Paige and Ashley. Brookie and Ashley are the oldest girl cousins so they were invited to the shower...how special is that!
Brookie, Ashley, Mijken and Paige (opening gifts) Doesn't Paige look AMAZING!
Paige modeling Mark's diaper changing kit.
Kaylee Nicole being super cute!
The bow making station...my new little niece MUST have bows!
One thing about my sis-in-laws is they know how to put on a beautiful spread of the BEST home cooked food you've ever tasted!
Such a pretty display (this was my contribution to the food). Not homemade but I did dip the strawberries in the chocolate! Oh and I did the drink (totally homemade)! An awesome recipe from my best friend Jen.
Bobby's wife, Sara, and my mom getting everything all set up prior to party time.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Vegas Vacation!

Brooke and Jessie were going to be competing at Cinderella State in Vegas but we decided at the last minute not to. We had everything all planned to leave for the week so went to Vegas for a family vacation instead. It turned out to be one of our funnest vacations with just us. We traded one of our time shares and stayed at a really nice condo that had a full kitchen in it. I know my mom probably won't believe this but I get so sick of eating out on vacations so it was nice to be able to cook all our meals in the condo and just spend hours in the pool. Thanks to Brent's brother Derek and his wife Rhiannon, we got to go to some really cool stuff. They seem to have connections to no end and we love it. One night they got us comped front row tickets to the Country Music Superstars Tribute. They watched Braden and Kaylee Nicole and we took Brooke and Jessie with us. If I can figure how to upload from my phone I will post those pics. Then they got us comped tickets to the big top circus. It was totally the real deal. I think I had the most fun. I have never been and it was amazing. I'm telling you it was totally Dumbo! Sorry the pics are backwards but enjoy!The closing ceremony.
A tiger jumping over the trainer.
The tigers.
I'm not sure what these were called but they were very cool. Looked so scary to me but they never missed.
Just like on Dumbo!
I think it would be kinda fun to be one of the lady's that get to ride the elephants.
More of the elephants.
Daddy and Kaylee Nicole
Daddy and our four crazy kids
Brent TRYING to get a picture of me and the kids.
Still trying...I think we just had to call that first one good.
The tight rope walkers.
They had lots of horses doing all kinds of synchronized running. Then they all left but the white horse and they danced and waltzed. Very cool to watch.
The opening ceremony. Brookie leaned over to me and said there were so many things to watch she didn't know which one to look at and she didn't want to miss anything. I totally felt the same way. They had so much going on all at the same time. It was amazing.
Jessie learned to blow a bubble on this trip! This is one of her first attempts. By day 4 she was blowing big old bubbles that stuck all over her face!
Kaylee Nicole looking as cute as can be!

Of course we stayed at a place with a pool...I think we spent the majority of our time there.
Brookie (please notice that the goggles match the bathing suit..believe me...big issue)
Believe it or not...Kaylee Nicole LOVES this.
Jessie Pie

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Jessie's Spring Concert

Jessie had her annual spring concert. It was called "Schoolhouse Rock". It was really cute and Jessie did a fabulous job!

I didn't get any good video during the concert so here's a little clip of her later at home. Jessie before the concert.
Our family outside of the school after the concert. Uncle D and Auntie Rhi came to watch Jessie and he took our family picture. I'm trying to be better about getting pictures with everyone together.
Both of our girls just LOVE singing!
Jessie and her friends Claire and Dallis (yes, Jessie is that short and petite)
Mrs. Litz (Jessie's kindergarten teacher)
Great job Jessie! We love you!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Kids Fishing Derby

It was the annual fishing derby at Lampe Park. They stock a little stream the night before and then the kids get to fish in it. They have a two fish limit and a two hour limit. Ages 3-5 get one adult to help them and ages 6-12 fish by themselves. It has been so much fun. We have done it every year since Brookie was 3. It's such a fun memory. Braden was so excited. This was his first time.
It was such a fun day and we were so glad that Papa, Grandma and Uncle Cody got to come share in the fun with us.Kaylee Nicole, Uncle Cody and Grandma Telford made a great cheering squad.
They try so hard to make sure that the kids are the ones doing the fishing and not the adults. Don't be fooled by the picture...Jessie and Braden really loved it!Seriously...Braden and Jessie loved the fishing part!Brookie reeling it in...all by herself!Jessie's big catch.
Braden's big catch.
These are three guys that I love so much.
My dad. My son. My husband.Brookie and Paige Rhead posing for a picture.
Brookie is old enough to fish on her own. She was a pro. she knew how to cast and everything. (even how to pose for a super cute picture)

Brookie's baptism

I know I say it all the time but I can't believe Brookie is 8 years old! It's a total cliche' but it seems like she was just born. Here we are at a major milestone! We are so proud of Brookie. She is such a beautiful daughter of God and we love her to no end! She has such a mature spirit and is very close to her Father in Heaven. We talked with her a long time after she was baptized and confirmed and it was such a special feeling with the spirit there. I hope that she can always live her life in a way that she can always have that wonderful feeling and comfort. Here are a few pictures from the special day. I must have been nervous or something because I didn't get very many pictures and I only got them of her and Brent. I was glad that my mom and dad and my brother Cody made if from Idaho and we had lots of friends there and Brent's mom came. My brother Tyler and his family were on their way to a family reunion in California and got to our house in the middle of the night. They went to church with us the next day. It was fun to have them and the kids had lots of fun playing.
The invitation to Brookie's baptism.Brent and Brookie...don't they look just beautiful...I love them both so much!
Brent: "Yikes, I can't believe she is 8!"Before the baptism. All dressed in white. Brent did an amazing job. I sure picked a good husband to be the father to my children.I love these two!