Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cinderella Pictures

I was so caught up in learning to take video from the recorder and put it onto my laptop and then into a post that I didn't even think about posting any pictures from the pageant. I was just getting ready to post Brooke's cheer competition and I saw this one of Braden at the pageant. He was so bored and Brent was so proud of him for being bored! "Pageant's are for girls! Football is for boys!" (We all sure hope Braden grows up to love sports as much as Brent wants him to. We aren't worried though, Brent has him well on his way!)
This picture is of Brooke getting in one more second of holding Kaylee Nicole before she was rushed off to casual wear. Brooke and Jessie are the best when it comes to helping out with Kaylee Nicole.
Braden loves to help with Kaylee Nicole too. He loves holding her and we have even caught him trying to do it on his own!

Sierra Nevada Cinderella

So, I guess this blogging stuff is actually pretty cool. I figured out how to add a video! Brent doesn't like the idea of our kids on youtube but is "okay" with it on my blog. So here goes.
The girls are going to compete at Cinderella State this year and so this last weekend we attended the Sierra Nevada Cinderella Preliminary to qualify Brookie for state. She hasn't actually competed in over a year so I was a little nervous for her. I don't know why, she wasn't nervous at all. She did amazing. She aged out of the youngest division this year and now is competing as a "Miniature Miss", which requires a talent as part of overall score. She really wanted to cheoreograph her own hula hoop routine. I told her that was fine and she used her all star cheer routine music and did a great job. Here is a little video of her talent and being crowned Sierra Nevada Cinderella Overall Mini Miss.
Jessie is still in the Tot division this year and qualified at a prelim several months ago (prior to my blogging days) so no competition video of her, sorry. BUT, she was last years Sierra Nevada Cinderella Overall Tot and she got to do a farewell walk at the prelim. I wanted to make it special for her so we recorded a little farewell speech for her. Here is a video of her "final walk" to her farewell speech.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Girls Night IN

We had a pajama / birthday party with some of my fun friends! My best friend Jen!

Learning a little Beyonce!

As crazy as we get! (Yes, that's Kaylee Nicole in the front!)

Happy Birthday to my fun friends!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Runner Up

Brooke is in her second year of competitive all star cheerleading. She is on the Level 1 Mini's Squad at Silver Spirit All Stars. They qualified for Nationals which were held in Las Vegas a few weekends ago. I was trying to get the video of them onto the post but couldn't figure out how to get only their squad. I have a genius friend working on it for me so pictures for now; video later. The mini's took 2nd place. We were so proud of them. They did an awesome job. They were 3rd last year and were really happy to move up a spot. They all received silver medals. I had a little outfit made for Kaylee Nicole. Brookie was so proud of her.Lining up to head backstage to warm ups.JAMZ Nationals. The stage.Takin' the stage!

Brooke's scorpion
We absolutely love the "facials" part of it. Brooke does such a good job at it.

Brookie was so happy to have metalled two years in a row.

Brookie and their trophy.

Some of the squad. Brookie's American Girl Doll has a matching cheer outfit.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Kaylee Nicole NOT eating rice cereal

Kaylee Nicole is starting to eat every two hours or so at night and I am not getting any good sleep. We decided to try and start her on some rice cereal. She decided it was NOT what she wanted. We tried several different times and even tried infant oatmeal. We tried mixing it with regular formula and we tried soy formula. We tried giving it to her through a bottle. That was even worse. Instead of just spitting it out, she screamed! She wouldn't even try it. So, we tried just giving her a bottle at night to help her get through the night. She wanted nothing to do with that either. We tried 3 different kinds of bottles and two different kinds of formula. We tried letting Brent give it to her. Then we tried Brooke. She wants nothing to do with it. I guess I'm just not going to be sleeping much for a while:) Don't let the pictures fool you. It was NOT a fun time for Brent or Kaylee Nicole!

My beautiful boy (I mean HANDSOME)

Braden's 2 1/2 year old pictures. We missed the 2 year pictures. I guess time flies... I'm so happy that I have Braden Michael. He is the happiest little guy and so much fun. He sure adds a different twist to this family of girls. I love him so much.
Braden wanted to have his picture in the airplane..."just like Uncle Cody flies a airplane".

Monday, February 16, 2009

Telford Snowmobiling Trip

So, I finally made the jump and am now a BLOGGER! I'm told this should be very easy. All I have to do is take the photos that I send out periodically and put them onto a post. Sounds easy enough but noone ever told me about having to come up with a cute name and a cute background and all the other jazz that I have now spent HOURS trying to create. But it looks like I am finally ready: )

We drove 12 hours to Preston, Idaho, where my brother Tyler and his family live for the annual Telford family snowmobiling trip. It just happened that it fell on Valentine's Day and my birthday. It was a wonderful time and well worth the 24 hours of driving.
Happy 33rd Birthday to me. Thanks for all the decorations and the cakes! I love being part of a big family. It makes everything that much more fun!Both of our girls were pretty fearless. This is Brooke catching some "mega air" off the jump. Brent is in the background giving her that extra push to help her hit the jump at top speed. Jessie sliding down the HUGE hill. They got going so fast. The kids must have hiked up and down the hill about 1000 times (without any soreness the next day)!Braden really loved the snow hill and the long as Daddy was with him.

All the adults (and Kaylee Nicole) drove into Logan for Valentine's dinner. A fun and yummy date!

There was a MAJOR foosball tournament. Jared and Christine were the champions. (However, I have to add that Brent and I did beat them 2 out of the 4 times we played them. It was just the 2 times that didn't count. I had to add that for Brent's dignity. I love my competative husband!)