Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day 2010

Happy Father's Day Daddy!

Brent and his four kido's

Brookie had helped the kids put together a stunt pod performance for Brent.
Now for the gift....Brookie was VERY excited about it.
We had an accordian style personality book made for Brent. It has pics of each of the kids and folds up into a little book that is a magnet.
One side of the book
Other side of the book.
Back of the book.
Front of the book.

Brent LOVED his gift...can't you tell!

Jessie and Mommy

Saturday, June 12, 2010

AAMTC 2010

Brookie and Jessie decided to compete in the All American Modeling and Talent Competition (AAMTC) this year. It is held the day prior to Cinderella State. They are required to model about 6 different themed outfits and perform about 6 different talents. It was alot of fun and they each ended up winning one of the titles! Here are a few of the pictures. Enjoy!
2010 Talent of the Year

2010 Model of the Year

Jessie before performing her cheer routine.

Brookie singing "I Like Your Style" (The American Girl Doll song). She stood perfectly still during the entire thing...this was immediately after she hurt her heel. (Read more below.)
One of my favorite dresses on Brookie.

Brookie before modeling formal wear.

Jessie before playing "Yankee Doodle" on the piano.

Mommy & Jessie

Jessie singing and dancing to "Mama Keta"

Brooke getting a pep talk from daddy before modeling her casual wear...she pulled her back tuck and landed hard on the wooden stage with no shoes on and bruised her heel. She did NOT want to do anymore after that. She is a trooper and a true performer though...she finished it out...with a smile on her face. Turns out she got a deep heel bruise and couldn't tumble for about a week and then had to wear heel cushions for a few weeks after that.

Thank heavens for Grandpa and the play area in the back of the room!

Braden and Nik Nik playing together while they wait.

Swimming in Las Vegas

We were in Las Vegas for the Cinderella state pageant.
The favorite part of the hotel is always the swimming! Family of swimmers!
Lil' Nik Nik

Camel wars
Daddy & Nik Nik, Jessie & Gracie, Karinna & Whiteny, Brookie & Jordan
Whitney, Grace, Brookie, Jordan, Jessie, Karinna

Jessie & Karinna

Kaylee Nicole having her picture taken.

She realized that Braden was saying cheese for the picture and she is trying to push him out of the picture.

Brent pulled her away from him and so she tried to push him out with her foot. Little stinker!

Karinna Ferris, Brookie and Jessie

Kaylee Nicoles Cute Faces

We sure love our Kaylee Nicole. She is such a sweet blessing in our lives!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Cinderella State 2010

Nevada State Cinderella Pageant was lots of fun this year. Here is how the girls did:
Jessie: 1st Runner Up to Overall, Overall Beauty Winner, and Cover Girl
Brookie: 2nd Runner Up to Overall, Overall Photogenic Winner, and Miss Congeniality
Jessie and a judge.

Brookie and a judge.

Brent and Braden

Aunt Kara, Aunt Rhiannon, Jessie, Brookie and Uncle D

Aunt Rhiannon, Jessie and Uncle D
They weren't able to come watch any of the competition but came one night for a quick dinner.

Brookie and Braden

Nic Nic learning to pee pee in the potty at the hotel.

Jessie and Brookie

Pajama party!

Brookie and our good friend Karinna Ferris

Jessie and our good friend Lily McKinney
(her mom, Ms. Rika, is Brookie's tumbling coach)

Kids at the pajama party.

All the contestants.