Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Nap time!

On most nights you can find us at either Five Star Athletics (the cheer club) or Tumbleweeds (gymnastics).  Nikki feels right at home at either place.  This is her taking a little snooze in her Five Star gear at Tumbleweeds!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Keeping Nik Nik SAFE

Braden insisted on standing right by she wouldn't fall off the window seal.  What a great big brother!

Molly Moo and Brookie too

Brookie and one of her besties...Molly Coverley.  These girls can GIGGLE!

Monday, June 27, 2011

4 eyes!

One of Jessie's prizes from piano.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

One of Brookie's parties

Brookie loves to plan little parties for our family.  It is always a fun time.  The party usually has a theme and a surprise activity!  I hope she wants to plan parties for our family for a long time. She is a sweet girl and we all love her and her parties!
Entering with their invites.
This particular party was "invite only".  Look at all these lucky kids who received invitations.
It isn't a party without snacks!
The party ended with a movie and sleepout in the living room!

Daddy's BIG helper!

Braden LOVES to help his daddy!  And Daddy LOVES Braden's help because he is a big helper! He works hard and long.  He stays outside working with Brent all day long!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Ninja graduation-Orange Belt

Brent and I were in Cancun and the girls were at Woodward and Braden and Nikki were staying with Nana and Grandpa.  They took Braden to his ninja graduation.  He scored ANOTHER perfect score (16) and advanced to a orange belt. Thank Bob for taking a picture for me!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

First day of BMX practice

Braden's first day of BMX practice.  He is so excited. He can't hardly stand it!!

Woodward West

 Brookie and Jessie went to their first summer camp.  I gave them the choice of going to the state Cinderella pageant or going to Woodward (a cheer camp for Brookie and a gymnastics camp for Jessie) and they both chose the camp.  (Kinda sad for mommy!)  They went with Tumbleweeds and we dropped them off on Sunday and they stayed the entire week and we picked them up on Saturday.  I was worried about sending Jessie because she was only 7 but I figured she would be right next to Brookie and staying with all her gymnastic teammates plus she was in a Mini-Mom cabin which means there was a mom there to watch over them and help them. Well Jessie did not call me ONCE the ENTIRE time!  They both took their cell phones and Brookie called me about every other night and I always asked to talk to Jessie but their cabin had lights out about an hour before Brookie's so I couldn't.  FINALLY on Thursday night I told Brookie I didn't care, she needed to go over to the cabin and tell them Jessie had to talk to her mom.  She did and Jessie said "Yes, I'm fine. Yes, I'm having fun. I gotta go cuz I'm supposed to be sleeping."  That was it.  That was the extent of my talking to Jessie for the week.  It's kinda sad they didn't get homesick or miss us more.  Proud of my girls though.  They had a great time!
Dropping them off.
Jessie roomed with her friends Devy and Stephanie and Brookie roomed with her friends Tenielle and Gracie.
Jessie stayed in cabin 5B
Brookie was right next door in cabin 5A
Tenielle, Gracie and Brookie...Brookie ended up sleeping with either Tenielle or Gracie every night.
On the ride home....tired girls.

Kaylee Nicole is the new Nevada State Cinderella Baby

So both Brookie and Jessie have competed in and won LOTS of pageants. They each started doing pageants when they were really little. Now they are both into their different activities that don't leave much time for pageants.  But I didn't want Kaylee Nicole to miss out on least ONE.  So we went to Las Vegas for the Nevada State Cinderella Baby pageant.  I was a little nervous because she was 2 1/2 and had never been on a stage.  We practiced her pretty feet and walking the x's for about a month before we went and she had that down but you never know when they get up on stage with a light and in front of a crowd.  And she did AMAZING! I had worried for nothing!  She had so much fun and it was a blast watching her.  She wore the same beauty dress that Jessie wore when she won Nevada State Cinderella Tiny Tot and went on to internationals where she won 1st runner up to International Cinderella Tiny Tot.  It was fun to see Nikki in the same dress.  The weekend was all focused on Kaylee Nicole and it was fun to see her big sisters and brother just dote on her, so proud of their little sister and her very biggest fans! And guess what....SHE WON!! Our lil' Nik Nik is the Nevada State Cinderella Baby!
We went a day early so we could enjoy some pool time.
Grandpa bought all the girls their own  "fancy" drinks to enjoy by the pool. It was around 100 degrees in Veags.  The drinks went fast!
Sam's Town is our favorite hotel to stay at in Vegas.  It has the coolest indoor mezzanine.  It has a water and laser light show with lots of cool animals.  Braden has loved watching the huge bear for years now.
 This is Braden and me watching the show. 
Aunt Kara met us at the hotel for dinner one night.
Jessie ready for cameo girl.
Brookie ready for cameo girl.

As I was packing for Vegas I thought I should enter Jessie and Brookie into cameo girl since we were gonna be there with Nik Nik anyway.  So I threw in dresses for them and they did AMAZING! They got up there and owned that stage!  They didn't even have time to practice. They are naturals!

Kaylee Nicole in her crown and banner for winning cameo girl.
Cameo girl is just a "practice" pageant they hold the night before to give the girls a chance to get used to the stage.  Nik Nik was the CUTEST thing up there on stage.  She pranced around to those x's and did the best little pretty feet.   And having an audience full of fans just made it even better!

If you entered a good luck add you were entered into the Cover Girl contest where they pick the best picture from all the ad's.  Kaylee Nicole was 1st runner up for the entire pageant! (Thanks Shelly for all the great pictures and designing the ad.)
Kaylee Nicole also won the community support award for her ad in the program book.        
Having dinner after a successful night of pageantry.
(Notice Nik Nik's princess purse!)
Two tired girls....pageants are hard work! Get lot's of sleep little Nik Nik.  The real show starts tomorrow!
The morning of the final show was Father's Day so we had a little Fathers Day celebration in our hotel room.
We LOVE you Daddy!!!
All ready for baby play time (interview).
Somehow I missed taking pictures of her casual wear and beauty wear.  I ordered pictures from the official photographer.  Hopefully, I will get them added here.
Meet your new
Nevada State Cinderella Baby
Kaylee Nicole Eddy
Very proud big sisters.
Our three little princesses!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

CANCUN...13 Years Baby!!

I surprised Brent on our 13th anniversary with a trip to Cancun!  We stayed at a Gold Crown all-inclusive resort called the Now Jade.  It was so nice and a super relaxing week!  We dropped the two older girls off at a summer camp and we flew to Cancun.  Brent's parent's stayed with the younger two at home. 
We loved it!  Happy Anniversary!