Saturday, September 26, 2009

Miley Cyrus Concert

Remember Jessie and Paige's birthday gifts (tickets to the Miley Cyrus concert). Well the day finally arrived! We woke up at 5:00 A.M. and headed to Vegas!
We got to ride from the hotel to the concert in a LIMOUSINE!!!
Mommy and Auntie Jen in the Limo!
The girls in their Miley wear riding in the Limo!
Arriving at the excited!
All of us girls!
Waiting for the concert to start!

Late night dinner after the concert...Jessie was on her way out to dream of Miley.
And she's out!
And Brookie's out!

Brent's Birthday 2009

Happy 35th Birthday Brent!Braden picked out the cake...Spiderman!
Brookie, Kaylee Nicole, Brent, Jessie, Braden
Grandpa Eddy and his four grandkids. We love Grandpa!
Brookie stunting Kaylee Nicole...always cheering!
Braden is just trying to be part of the action (I think)
Lots of help with "Heavy Heavy Hang Over..."
Lots and lots of help!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Jessie Soccer

I had the chance to be one of Jessie's soccer coach's this year. I had the most wonderful time and really enjoyed being able to do this with Jessie. Jessie just turned 6 a few days before the deadline so she had to move up to the U8 division but she did really well and ran and ran and ran...then ran even harder! We are proud of you Jessie!

Monday, September 21, 2009

I MISS harvest...I KNOW...CRAZY!!!

Mom, I hope you were sitting down when you read that title. I KNOW, me April Telford Eddy, your daughter, misses harvest! But I really do. I just finished reading my sister in law, Mijken's, blog (Ryan's wife) and saw these pictures of the first few days of potato harvest and I just started to cry. I really miss Idaho and those crazy harvest days. It was always so much work. Hours and hours and hours of WORK. Those 20 hour after day after day. My mom tried so hard to make it an enjoyable time. I can remember riding in a beet truck with my mom when I was little and singing songs with her. Then I can remember driving potato and beet trucks when i got older. All that was okay. The part I just absolutely detested was picking clods at the tables. I can still see that belt moving in front of me and it makes me want to puke just thinking about it. And when I got older, oh how I complained and made life even more miserable for everyone and here I am now, crying because I miss it. Funny, now I wish I could share harvest with my own kids. I'd love to drive them around and then as they get older have them work on the farm. Strange thing is we started working on the farm EARLY. I think I was about 9 when I drove a tractor by myself for the first time. Brooke is 8 right now. That blows my mind!

Brooke and I made a deal the other day that if she can get her scorpion in her full extension then cradle down (a hard cheer stunt that she is flying from) before we go to Idaho for my nieces blessing, I will teach her how to drive a car on Papa's farm. She is so excited and is working so hard to get it!

Well here's the pictures I copied from Mijken's blog that made me just cry!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

"A Special Time"

I'm doing breakfast dishes and Braden comes running into the kitchen.

Braden: Can we have a root beer float?
Me: Those are only for special times.
Braden: But this is a special time.
Me: Why is this a special time?
Braden: Cause it's just you and me. Kaylee Nicole is having a nap and the girls are at school and Daddy is working. So it's just a special Mommy and Braden Michael time. See mom.

He was so cute and so excited that I just couldn't say no. So we had root beer floats at 10:30 in the morning. Just Braden and me and he was right. It WAS a special time!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day...Bike Ride & Lake Tahoe

This year for Labor Day we took the kids and their bikes up to Lake Tahoe and went on the bike trail to Nevada Beach. It's about a mile ride each way. When we got to the beach the kids (and Brent) couldn't resist and ended up in the water. We stayed there for about 2 hours and then rode the bikes back up the trail. It was such a fun and relaxing day. Complete with OREO cookies on the way back!Stopping for a picture on our bike ride.
And a crazy one!
Kaylee Nicoles first cookie. Papa Telford would be so proud that it was an OREO! And Grandma Telford would be so proud that we had water to go with it! (No milk available on this trip.)
Braden trying to eat his OREO and ride his bike at the same time.
Brookie enjoying her OREO.
I know I talk about missing Idaho alot but I do love the home and life we have here in Nevada. You definitely won't see a gorgeous lake and beach front like this on the farm in Idaho!Four happy kidos after a fun time at the beach.
Braden and Daddy.
Brooke burying Jessie in the sand. Always a favorite at the beach.
Kaylee Nicole getting closer and closer to the water.And in she went. me!
Such a precious picture...prior to the soaking wet clothes and stripping down to the diaper so she could really play in the water.
Jessie taking the plunge all at once into Lake Tahoe. This lake is COLD!!! Jessie is one brave..or crazy..girl! Just like her daddy. And again...and again...and again! Guaranteed there were no pictures of Brooke or Mommy doing this!
Braden playing in the water. He is somewhere between Brooke and Jessie. He really WANTS to take the plunge like Jessie and Daddy, but I'm telling you is COLD. Eventually he winds up all the way in. It just takes him a while.
Daddy trying to convince Kaylee Nicole to put her feet in.
Brookie is totally content to just play in the sand and get just the bottoms of her feet wet.
Jessie and Daddy.
Daddy and Kaylee Nicole's footsies.
Mommy and Kaylee Nicole.
Jessie Pie