Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Vacation

Memorial Day was only a little warm this year. We were planning on going to Grover Hot Springs with the Rheads for the day. When the Rhead's canceled we decided to just pack up our little hot dog roast and S'mores picnic and head to David Walley's Hot Springs. We missed the fire but hey, you can't beat S'mores cooked over a gas grill :) But Walley's was much closer and much warmer. It was a really fun day with just our family. We had our picnic, played on the jungle gym (the kids think it's so funny when I call it that!?!) and then went swimming.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Girl Football 2011

The girls love the Powderpuff game.  It's a huge event at Douglas High School every year.  Brent coached the junior team this year.  They had a great time.  Brookie and Jessie love being the half time entertainment!  They get to tumble for the crowd and the crowd just loves them!
Daddy and his assistant coaches.
Brookie and Jessie trying to get daddy to take a turn tumbling.
Daddy coaching it up!
Leading out the team.
Good job...good job...good job!
Good game...good game...good game!

Jessie gymnastics exhibition

Jessie had a team gymnastics exhibition at Gardnerville Elementary School.  She was so excited.  They practiced their performances for Super Circus.  It was very cute.  She did an excellent job! Braden and Nik Nik and Mommy went to watch.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Brookie's 10th Birthday

Our beautiful Brookie Boo is 10 years old!  She is such a wonderful blessing to our entire family.  She such a great example for her younger siblings and all her friends at school.  She loves the Lord and has such an amazing testimony for someone so young.  She loves to bear her testimony every fast Sunday and has such a close relationship with the Spirit.  She is a friend to everyone and tries hard to make sure everyone is always included.  She loves cheerleading and tumbling.  She does not like school and reading.  She still has beautiful red hair and always has her face lit up with a smile.  She has a contagious laugh and is almost always in a happy mood.  She has a low pain tolerance and loves to be loved on by her mommy.  You can find her most often on the trampoline or making up a cheer routine with Jessie.  We are so lucky to have her in our family and love her more than we can say!
Mommy surprised Brookie with a 5 Star cake at cheer practice...however, Nikki didn't keep it a surprise.  She told Brookie, "I will not tell you about the 5 star cake in the back.  I won't tell you about the stars on it."

Brookie had a "Minute to Win It" birthday.  She had her first slumber party.  It was a total success!!

Braden and Daddy were the winners of the "stack the cup game".

Amiya, Kari, Molly, Brookie and Emily all watching Jessie try to "stack the bolts" in less than 30 seconds.
Love, Braden

Love, Jessie (check out Jessie's beam bruise...OUCH!!!)

Look at the camera Brookie!

Not a game....just crazy girls with cool whip!

"Empty the tissue box in less than 30 seconds pulling one at a time" game.

"Shake all the ping pong balls out of the tissue box  with no hands" game.

"Bounce the pingpong on the peanut butter bread" game.
"Eat the Oreo off your head with no hands" game
Amiya, Jessie, Molly, Brookie, Maddi, Savanna, Emily, Kari
Braden having a melt down at the end of the night because he didn't want a girl to use his boy sleeping bag.
Brookie and Daddy
Birthday cake at Nana and Grandpas
Love our kids!!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Just a day in the life....

Just some random pictures taken by Brent....for my blog. Thanks honey! Me talking with my dad. (Pretty flowers from Brent.)
Kid's riding their scooter outsite. Nana and Grandpa watching.


Nik Nik


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tumbleweeds...our home away from home.

With Jessie attendin team gymnastics 3 days a week.  Brookie at tumbling classes 2 days a week and Braden 1 day a week class and Nikki's Mommy & Me class....Tumbleweeds really is our home away from home.  Good thing Braden and Nik Nik love hanging out there.  The bus in the corner is one of the favorites.

Lunch with the Claire Bears

Kaylee Nicole's very favorite right now is her "Claire Bears". She has a cousin named Claire that everyone calls Claire Bear. Nik Nik knows no difference. She doesn't have care bears; she has Claire Bears. Here she is serving them lunch.

End of school year party for Braden

Braden attended speech class / preschool for two years at Minden Elementary.  It was 2 mornings a week.  Braden graduated from the program this year.  We all went to the end of the year picnic breakfast.  It was a fun time for us all to celebrate Braden.
Braden's best buddy, Matt.

Mrs. Utanah, Braden, Matt, Mrs. Pam