Monday, May 31, 2010

Playin' at Papa's Farm

The kids LOVE going to Idaho. Brookie brought home a school assignment where she had had to answer a question asking if she could visit anywhere in the world where would it be and she had written Papa's Farm in Idaho. Made me a little teary eyed. Nothin' like a hill of dirt to make two little boys happy!
Braden and Jerik sliding down the hill by the cellars.

Another farm favorite! Jessie-Pie
Jessie giving Lil' Nik Nik a ride.

Brookie's turn.
Brookie giving Braden Michael a ride.

GRANDMA TELFORD'S SWINGSET My mom wanted a big strong swingset for Mother's Day one year and she got one! All the grandkids love it and it has 6 swings on it so it helps to eleviate long waits for turns.

So this clothesline/swingset has a history. We got it when I was a kid to use as a clothesline but it spins around like a swing. It was and still is one of the funnest toys! My parent's must have thought so too because they dug it up and moved it when they built on the addition. Many...many kids, teenagers and adults have played on it. I remember Jake pushing us one time. He was going so fast and wouldn't stop. I was hanging on to the bar with my bare hands and I'm pretty sure it was going so fast that my body was verticle with the ground! He wouldn't stop and I finally lost my grip and went flying and landed in the pasture!
We built a little fire pit and roasted hot dogs for dinner.
Grandma holding a baby..not sure who's but most likely one of Dez's.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Kaleb Jake Telford

Bobby and Sara had a baby boy.
Kaleb Jake Telford
We LOVE any reason to go Idaho!
Uncle Bobby, Aunt Sara
Cousins Jaci, Tayson, Kaleb

Lots of family love and support (as long as it's in Idaho..haha)
Wake up Papa!
Auntie Bean, Uncle Mark, Uncle Ryan, Uncle Cody, Uncle Tyler, Uncle Bobby, Mommy, Grandma Telford (Braden suck into the picture to see what we were doing)

Jessie helping clean up.

Kaylee Nicole just being cute!

Crazy boys!
Kaden, Justin, Braden

Friday, May 28, 2010

Powder Puff 2010

The annual Powder Puff game is a fun time of year. The kids get to help thier daddy coach and Brookie and Jessie get to stand on the sidelines during the game. This year the announcer introduced them at half time and had them do some half time tumbling entertainment. Good thing they can perform on the spot because they had no warning. Brookie pulled a round off back tuck and Jessie pulled round off back handspring, back handspring. The crowd LOVED it!!

Brent coached the seniors this year (same girls he had as juniors last year). They are really cute with our kids. They love having Coach Eddy's kids there!

Brent had a record number of girls play. There were about 100 senior girls that wanted to play! Not as many juniors, but close. One of the other varsity football coaches the other team. It's not real football, Brent tells Braden, but he sure seems to enjoy coaching it!

Brent LOVES football and LOVES winning even more! This is a picture of him after their final touchdown that pretty much sealed the game.

Jessie and Brookie talking it over with the quarterback.

It was a VERY cold windy day.

My mom was here so she got to watch!

Handsom Boy!!!
He was okay with not being on the side line because, "This isn't real football, right dad?"

Our Kaylee Nicki
She's a binki girl!

Cool Dude!
Nic Nic in her Douglas Tigers Powder Puff Shirt

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Brookie and Jessie got a puppy for their birthday. Her name is Lola and she is a Yorki mix. She LOVES Kaylee Nicole. Here they are snuggling.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Brookie's 9th Birthday

Brookie is 9 years old! Wow! Time is flying by.
She is such a wonderful daughter. She is always happy and very kind and considert of others. She makes friends very easily and you'd be hard pressed to find someone who doesn't love being around her. She is a huge help to me and we love her so much!
Happy Birthday Brookie-Boo!!
Kaylee Nicole loves birthdays I think we had to rewrap this gift 20 times because Nik Nik kept opening it during the day. She couldn't wait for Brookie to get home from school.
Heavy Heavy Hang Over....
Brookie is always letting Nik Nik be a part and help her. She is like a little mom to her.
Kisses for the birthday girl!
Heavy Heavy Hang Over....
Braden picked out Brookies gift this year. He was adiment that he get her boots. He even wrapped them himself.
He was so excited to have her open them. He had heard her say a few weeks earlier that she wished she had cowgirl boots. He remembered that and was so excited to give her what she wanted and she made him feel so good when she opened it. She jumped up and down. It was very fun to watch!

Brookie is so sweet with Braden. She is a wonderful big sister for him!

Jessie's turn.

I'm so glad that Brookie and Jessie-Pie get along with each other so well. They always have. They rarely fight and Brookie is very conscious that Jessie be included when she has friends over. She watches over her at school and is very protective of her.

Brookie your siblings love you so much! Thanks for being such a great big sister to them!

We LOVE you!!!

Nope...she's not 1. That's the only candle we had. I totally forgot to get candles when I picked up the cake. Brookie wanted a ice cream cake from Dairy Queen and they are half price on Tuesdays. Brooke was willing to wait a few days to have her birthday so that she could have that cake!

Brookie picked two of her close friends for a sleepover for her birthday. She had such a hard time picking two that she finally put all their names in a hat and just drew out two. The lucky winners were Molly and Paige.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Spring Concert

Spring Concert at Pinion Hills Elementary School.
Sweet Sisters!

Makenna Brown & Jessie

Savanna Brown and Brookie

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mother/Son Dance 2010

Douglas Co. has a Mother/Son Dance which is held close to Mother's Day. It's similar to the Father/Daughter Valentines Dance. You have to be 3 to attend and I was so excited that Braden was finally old enough that we could go.
We went out to eat at Applebees before the dance so Braden could have bonless buffalo wings dipped in ranch. Then we went to the dance. They give the son a corsage to give to his mom when you get there and you get a professional photo taken and then you dance the night away. We had the best time. We dance and danced. Every song! He loved it. On the way home he told me that was his favorite night ever. It was a special night I will always remember with him. I'm sure he is too young to remember but he loves the picture we had taken and talks about it all the time.
Braden LOVES his Romo jerseys. He has several of them and wears the ALL the time! I surprised him with matching Romo jersey's for our Mom/Son date. He was so excited!

Since we were wearing our football jersey's, Braden thought it appropriate to have a picture with his football bear!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010