Sunday, August 16, 2009

Braden Michael's 3rd Birthday

Our little boy is turning into a big boy. He is 3 years old now and all potty trained...even at night! He was so excited for August 16th, he'd tell everyone. "I'm 2 on August 16th I'm 3." He had such a fun birthday. We love you so much buddy!
A donut AND hot chocolate in bed.
Braden kept saying he got a BIG hot chocolate because he was BIG now!
Kaylee Nicole got Braden Twizzlers and gum.
More cars from Aunt Kara.
A big Nurf dart gun from Jessie.
Heavy Heavy Hang Over....
Braden had LOTS of help!
Braden and Grandpa are the BEST BUDDIES ever!
Brent set up a treasure hunt for Braden's present from him. It was a Spiderman Bike. He was so funny running from clue to clue.
My four kidos! We sure love em!
Braden LOVES his new Spiderman Bike.
Back: Nana, Aunt Kara, Daddy, Kaylee Nicole, Mommy and Grandpa
Front: Jessie, Braden and Brookie
Blowing out his candles.
Licking the candles is the best part! Braden wanted a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. So easy and Nana brought a Spiderman candle for the top.

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