Saturday, April 3, 2010 year we aren't gonna focus so much on stupid eggs!

The annual Easter egg hunt at our house gets more intense every year.
1. The family room is only so big.
2. The kids are getting older and can remember all the hiding spots.
3. We have extremely competitive kids.
4. Brent, the daddy, encourages the madness.
This all creates for a whirlwind Easter egg hunt, which always ends with someone crying. But they are super excited to do it again the next year.

Hurry! Jessie Hurry!
Brookie showing how she has the most...again!
Here come the tears..."Brookie cheats, that's how she always wins!"

Braden just glad he got the blue egg.
(Jessie had to let him get it and she claim's that's why she lost.)

Ahhh...Lil' Nik Nik is young enough to still just love running around with the girls; not being to sure what all the madness is about, but loving it!

Coloring Eggs:
It's Tradition and always a family favorite!

Braden's blue AND green one mixed. WooHoo!

Nik Nik's yellow one.

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