Saturday, February 6, 2010

Father / Daughter Dance 2010

Every Valentines Day they have a Father / Daughter dance for girls ages 3 and older and their dads. Brent has been taking the girls for a while now and they absolutely LOVE it! This year the girls really wanted to wear their formal gowns. This meant Brent had to wear his suit but he didn't complain...too much. They usually go to dinner first and then to the dance.

Jessie and Daddy and Brookie just before they left.

Brookie and daddy. Brookie chose to have her hair crimped with a little side poof this year.
Jessie and daddy. She wanted her hair in Shirley Temple ringlets with a sparkly headband.
A picture with the littlest sister. 2 more years and she can go too.

I thought it would be fun to put in some of the pictures from the father / daughter dance from prior years. I don't have all of them on this laptop but here are a few:


and 2010

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