Friday, January 15, 2010

Snowmobiling Trip 2010

We had our annual Telford family snowmobiling trip at the new Arco farm this year. At the Arco "trailer" cabin. hehe. It was so nice on the inside. Mijken did an amazing remodeling job. It was so homey and spacious. Hopefully her next project is the outside =) Jared and Christine made the 12 hour trip with me and my 4 kids. Brent had missed too many days of work already this year so he didn't get to come. I'm so glad we went. I love being from a big family. It is great to have my kids be able to be with their family and cousins who share the same values and beliefs that we do. There wasn't a ton of snow. (It did snow 2 feet the day we left.) That's okay because it kept the big boys with us and they spent time giving the kids rides on the snowmobiles. Everyone was there except for Jake and his family and Brent.
Dinner time.
Table #2
The 8 year old cousins.
Brooke, Kegan and Ashley
Story time with Papa.
Duck Duck Goose with Uncle Bobby and Uncle Mark
Kaylee Nicole and her two bites she got two days apart. One from a little boy I was watching and the other from cousin Tayson.
Cody still holds the title of "The coolest uncle"
He was outside in the snow all day giving rides.
Here he is with Ashley and Brookie
The 3 and 4 year old boy cousins.
Braden, Jerik, Justin and Kaden
The 6 year old girl cousins.
Alaina, Emma, Jessie and Megan
View of the new farm with the mountains in the backgroud...God's beautiful country!
View the other direction.
Yummy! Grandma Telfords famous apple dip.
Cedrik and Sicily (The babies)
How 'bout that Manicure Princess Sicily?
Braden and Jessie started the sickness...puking for about 24 hours then they were fine. It totally made the rounds. Thankfully for our family the only victims were Braden and Jessie but there were plenty of cousins and aunts and uncles and grandma that got it. Sorry everyone!
Sick Jessie in the background...notice the puke bowl at her feet.
Kids crashing EVERYWHERE!
The hair train.
Emma, Jessie, Alaina, Megan

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