Saturday, June 5, 2010

Fishing Derby 2010

The annual Fishing Derby at Lampe Park.
This year Brookie and Jessie were both in the older kids side where they couldn't have parents help. Brent got to fish with Braden on the pre school side. He and Brent had a fun time. They all caught their two fish limit. Nik Nik had such a fun time with the fish. She was content this year to sit on the outside of the year may be different!

Follow Brookie in this next group of pictures. Brent can be such a prankster sometimes. It was funny to watch!

My four beautiful kids:

Fishing Pic's:
Pictures can tell a story:
Nicki checking out one of Brookie's fish
Brent: Here Nic Nic wanna touch it?

Brent: Here Nik Nik. Wanna kiss it?
April: Brent NO! (She was seriously going to kiss that fish!)

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