Sunday, March 13, 2011

Final gymnastics meet

Jessie was excited because Nana and Grandpa got to come to this meet. Jessie did really well at her final meet of the season. She metaled in every event and all around.

Bars: 8.65

Beam: 7.7

Floor: 8.55

Vault: 9.0

AA: 33.9

She fell off during her beam routine during her jumps. When she was getting back on the beam she looked straight at us in the crowd. We all gave her big smiles and thumbs up! She gave us her big dimple grin and jumped right back up and finished her routine. It was a surreal moment. It gave me goose bumps to think about how much impact parents can have on their kids. Just a little smile and thumbs up gave her all the confidence!

Haha...I told Nik Nik. "Eyes on me." This is her doing the, "I've got my eyes on you!" That comes from having older siblings.

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