Sunday, June 19, 2011

Woodward West

 Brookie and Jessie went to their first summer camp.  I gave them the choice of going to the state Cinderella pageant or going to Woodward (a cheer camp for Brookie and a gymnastics camp for Jessie) and they both chose the camp.  (Kinda sad for mommy!)  They went with Tumbleweeds and we dropped them off on Sunday and they stayed the entire week and we picked them up on Saturday.  I was worried about sending Jessie because she was only 7 but I figured she would be right next to Brookie and staying with all her gymnastic teammates plus she was in a Mini-Mom cabin which means there was a mom there to watch over them and help them. Well Jessie did not call me ONCE the ENTIRE time!  They both took their cell phones and Brookie called me about every other night and I always asked to talk to Jessie but their cabin had lights out about an hour before Brookie's so I couldn't.  FINALLY on Thursday night I told Brookie I didn't care, she needed to go over to the cabin and tell them Jessie had to talk to her mom.  She did and Jessie said "Yes, I'm fine. Yes, I'm having fun. I gotta go cuz I'm supposed to be sleeping."  That was it.  That was the extent of my talking to Jessie for the week.  It's kinda sad they didn't get homesick or miss us more.  Proud of my girls though.  They had a great time!
Dropping them off.
Jessie roomed with her friends Devy and Stephanie and Brookie roomed with her friends Tenielle and Gracie.
Jessie stayed in cabin 5B
Brookie was right next door in cabin 5A
Tenielle, Gracie and Brookie...Brookie ended up sleeping with either Tenielle or Gracie every night.
On the ride home....tired girls.

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