Saturday, July 2, 2011

Cliffs at Peace Canyon

We traded out our time share and stayed a week in Las Vegas at a Resort called "Cliffs at Peace Canyon".  It was such a fun week.  It was  relaxing and slow paced and just plain family fun!  We did ALOT of swimming.  We went to Circus Circus one night.  Went to a concert and a baseball game.  Had family pictures taken by Uncle D (stay tuned for Christmas cards).  We went to the drive in movie and did fireworks!

George Washington hair.

This is Nikki pouting.  She can't go into the pool without her floaties on and she was not happy about it! 

Circus Circus

Nik Nik's favorite thing to eat is a Popsicle.
She even ate them in her sleep.

Really Mom!!! Bridge books on vacation?!?!?

Braden's favorite spot to eat.

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