Saturday, December 31, 2011


2011 Resolutions Review
1. Read the Doctrine and Covenants and the Pearl of Great Price as a family....COMPLETED!
2. No soda...COMPLETED! Side note on this one just to show how amazing this was.  I drank alot of Pepsi.  I'm talking 3-4 sodas per day...minimum.  I quit cold turkey.  For about the first two weeks I would get terrible headaches and the shakes.  It was awful. (This is starting to sound like I was on drugs or something!)  Now I feel wonderful. Brent and I went to Cancun in June and this was going to be my week that I would allow myself soda.  I had one sip and it was not satisfying!  I didn't even want any soda the entire week.  Sip#2: I was at the movie theatre with Brookie and Christine and we went to get popcorn and a drink for Auntie Bean.  I took a bite of popcorn and got a kernel or something stuck in my throat and started choking. I had to have a drink of Christine's soda to help wash down the popcorn.  Dang it!!  Other than soda!!!  This is going to be ongoing.  I will never let something like SODA have that much control over my body ever again. (How Molly Mormon was that!)
3. Don't nag Brent.  Ask once and then just do it myself... BETTER! I can't say that I never nagged Brent; but I was very conscious of it and I think that I did much better at this one!
4. Become consumer debt free...ALMOST! We have NO credit cards and NO car payments.  This was the harderst one.  We still have Brent's student loan (that I think we will be paying for the rest of our lives) and my 401K loan that we took out to keep Silver Spirit up and running.  Other than that, on our personal stuff, Brent and I only have a mortgage.  It sounds so simple when I type it out but let me tell you...this was a hard one and it feels soooo good!

I'm sure I had more resolutions and I had them all in my phone but when I got a new phone the notes didn't transfer over.  However, these are the ones that I worked my butt off at this year.

2012 Resolutions
1. Read the Book of Mormon as a family.  I really wanted to do the Old Testament of the Bible but as a Ward we were asked to read the Book of Mormon.  So we will!
2.  Have family night EVERY week!  This one will be tuff but we are SOOO going to do it! Latter-day prophets have promised that "our dedication to this program will help protect our families against the evils of our time and will bring us abundant joy now and throughout the eternities."  Reason enough for me!
3.  No snacking and no desserts.  This means no sugar treats and snacks throughout the day and night.  (I'm really bad at this.) I'm hoping to lose a few pounds with this resolution.  Here's the kicker: I get to have the "treat" for family night.  So, I'm hoping this will guarantee we have family night every week!  Brilliant, I know!
4.  Be on time!  I'm sure this was a resolution last year but this year it's going to be a serious one!
5. Do a blog post every night until I am caught up.  I am going to start now and stay current and hopefully with the post-a-night plan I can back post so I will be all caught up and can print out my book for 2011.

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  1. "treats" are not allways food, I would do a "snack" for FHE (snacks are different from treats at our house) and let your treat be something fun, like... reading the scripture by candlelight or calling grandparents just to say goodnight or having a piggyback ride to bed...
    Have fun with it! Pretty soon they won't even want the sugar:)