Saturday, April 11, 2009

Burns Baseball

We went to Burns, Oregon, for Easter weekend to visit Brent's Uncle Kevin and Aunt Toni Feist. It was a fun filled weekend. On Saturday we watched Brent's cousin, Caleb, play baseball. It was lots of fun and they won both games.
Caleb is an amazing baseball player. This is him and his dad in the background.
It was a cold and windy day. Kaylee Nicole snuggling with daddy and watching some baseball.
Braden climbing the fence. The same fence that a few minutes later he peed on and then let us know that he was peeing on the fence "just like daddy does". An embarrassing moment for mom and a proud one for dad!
Carli is the Burns baseball team bat girl. She and Brooke had such a fun weekend.
There was a huge hill that the kids had a blast rolling down and cartwheeling down. This is Jessie getting ready to roll.
My three wonderful kids all in blue.
Snuggling with Kaylee Nicole
Me and Kaylee Nicole trying to keep warm.

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