Friday, April 24, 2009

Jessie's Got Talent!

Capital Christian School had their annual talent show and Jessie decided she wanted to play the piano. She played Yankee Doddle and did a fabulous job! She got a month of piano lessons in her stocking from Santa and has decided she really likes it! Here is a video. The quality isn't very good. I left our good video camera in Idaho with Cody because he used it to do a video for Christine of her wedding. This is taken with an old camera and I was trying to juggle Kaylee Nicole while videoing. Just imagine it in focus and with no static noises. She was SUPER CUTE! I love her little curtsy at the end. Everyone is laughing in the beginning because the seat was really high and Jessie was trying hard to climb up into it and so the MC came over and lifted her up into the seat. We are so proud of our talented Jessie Pie!

Brent was on camera duty and he did a great job. He is starting to really impress me with his picture taking.
This is Jessie being helped into her seat.
Flawless! She could actually play it without the book but insisted she needed it.
They served ice cream sundaes at "halftime" (as Brookie referred to it).
Jessie is giving Kaylee Nicole a taste.
Kaylee Nicole REALLY liked her taste. This is her yelling at Brent for another taste. Yes, she was YELLING! Notice her little fists.
Jessie with some of her friends. This is her "hurry up and take the picture" smile. They set up a bouncehouse with a huge slide for before and after the show and Jessie was sure she was going to miss a turn.
Even Kaylee Nicole had a little turn.
Kaylee Nicole loves her daddy!

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  1. April!!!! Oh my gosh! I can't believe we found each other on this thing! How have you been!?! You look as cute as ever! How do you do it?! :) Yes, my hair grows like crazy still... ha! It grows about an inch a month. Crazy. But, that is freakin' crazy that Christine is getting married. How is the rest of your fam? I haven't seen Mark forever. I hope he and and his wife are doing well. We all had so many memories together living having your family as our neighbors. I always LOVED when you babysat me and played with my hair. LOL I always thought you were the coolest person ever and the sweetest babysitter! I hope you're doing well. I'm so glad I can stay in touch with your life now and check on to see how you're doing. By the way, I see that you're in Nevada....are you in Vegas? That's where I'm at too if so. If you are, we should get in touch! Miss ya!