Wednesday, September 16, 2009

"A Special Time"

I'm doing breakfast dishes and Braden comes running into the kitchen.

Braden: Can we have a root beer float?
Me: Those are only for special times.
Braden: But this is a special time.
Me: Why is this a special time?
Braden: Cause it's just you and me. Kaylee Nicole is having a nap and the girls are at school and Daddy is working. So it's just a special Mommy and Braden Michael time. See mom.

He was so cute and so excited that I just couldn't say no. So we had root beer floats at 10:30 in the morning. Just Braden and me and he was right. It WAS a special time!


  1. Didn't you bust Brooke for telling Hannah she could have rootbear floats at 10:00am :) I am seeing a little favoritism.

  2. Okay, too cute! Brayden is such a sweetie. You are a good mom April, your kids love you so much :)