Monday, May 31, 2010

Playin' at Papa's Farm

The kids LOVE going to Idaho. Brookie brought home a school assignment where she had had to answer a question asking if she could visit anywhere in the world where would it be and she had written Papa's Farm in Idaho. Made me a little teary eyed. Nothin' like a hill of dirt to make two little boys happy!
Braden and Jerik sliding down the hill by the cellars.

Another farm favorite! Jessie-Pie
Jessie giving Lil' Nik Nik a ride.

Brookie's turn.
Brookie giving Braden Michael a ride.

GRANDMA TELFORD'S SWINGSET My mom wanted a big strong swingset for Mother's Day one year and she got one! All the grandkids love it and it has 6 swings on it so it helps to eleviate long waits for turns.

So this clothesline/swingset has a history. We got it when I was a kid to use as a clothesline but it spins around like a swing. It was and still is one of the funnest toys! My parent's must have thought so too because they dug it up and moved it when they built on the addition. Many...many kids, teenagers and adults have played on it. I remember Jake pushing us one time. He was going so fast and wouldn't stop. I was hanging on to the bar with my bare hands and I'm pretty sure it was going so fast that my body was verticle with the ground! He wouldn't stop and I finally lost my grip and went flying and landed in the pasture!
We built a little fire pit and roasted hot dogs for dinner.
Grandma holding a baby..not sure who's but most likely one of Dez's.

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  1. That "new" swingset reminds me of grandma joneses. Gosh, I loved that thing! And the clothes line- I remember playing on it & my kids got to play on it too. Why does it always look dangerous when it's your kids playing on it? lol!