Friday, May 28, 2010

Powder Puff 2010

The annual Powder Puff game is a fun time of year. The kids get to help thier daddy coach and Brookie and Jessie get to stand on the sidelines during the game. This year the announcer introduced them at half time and had them do some half time tumbling entertainment. Good thing they can perform on the spot because they had no warning. Brookie pulled a round off back tuck and Jessie pulled round off back handspring, back handspring. The crowd LOVED it!!

Brent coached the seniors this year (same girls he had as juniors last year). They are really cute with our kids. They love having Coach Eddy's kids there!

Brent had a record number of girls play. There were about 100 senior girls that wanted to play! Not as many juniors, but close. One of the other varsity football coaches the other team. It's not real football, Brent tells Braden, but he sure seems to enjoy coaching it!

Brent LOVES football and LOVES winning even more! This is a picture of him after their final touchdown that pretty much sealed the game.

Jessie and Brookie talking it over with the quarterback.

It was a VERY cold windy day.

My mom was here so she got to watch!

Handsom Boy!!!
He was okay with not being on the side line because, "This isn't real football, right dad?"

Our Kaylee Nicki
She's a binki girl!

Cool Dude!
Nic Nic in her Douglas Tigers Powder Puff Shirt

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