Sunday, September 26, 2010

Brent's 35th...I mean 36th Birthday!

Brent LOVES being a dad!
This year for his birthday the kids each did a trick he requested instead of playing spin the bottle. It was a fun birthday!
Birthday guests:
Bob, Linda, April
Kaylee Cole, Brookie, Jessie, Brent, Braden
Crazy Faces!!!
Okay...about the title...I bought candles for the cake for 35!!! Haha...Brent's turning 36!
(At least I didn't get a 37!)Lots of help blowing!
New pants from Jessie for Daddy.
Jessie's back handsprings for Daddy.
A new Sunday shirt from Brookie.
Brookie's back handsprings for Daddy.
Braden's handstand for Daddy.
Braden got Brent a YoYo. He was so excited!
Heavy Heavy Hang Over from Nikki.

Nic Nic's trick for Daddy!

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