Sunday, September 5, 2010

Lil Nic Nic turns 2

Our precious little baby is 2 years old! Everyone we meet just falls in love with Kaylee Nicole. She has an amazing vocabulary and talks so well for a 2 year old. She has a very high pitched loud voice. She demands attention! She knows all her colors and counts pretty well. Thanks to Dora she even throws in a few numbers in Spanish here and there. She loves the color pink and changes her clothes all the time. She goes through about 20 outfits a day. She loves sparkly and dresses. She loves lipstick! Her favorite thing is Dora. She loves Dora everything! She is definetly the baby of our family and everyone jumps to give her whatever it is she wants. Braden plays so well with her when the girls are at school. She is sweet with everyone in the family but her Brookie Boo is definetly her favorite. "Brookie do it" is a common phrase around our house. We love you so much our Nikki, Lil Nic Nic, Nikki Cole, Kaylee Nic. My little Kaylee Nicole!!!
Donuts in bed!!!!!
Nikki's favorite is maple bars.
Good Morning! (Not sure why they are having the donuts in Braden's bed??)

Favorite present was from Auntie Bean and Uncle Jared: Her OWN pack of PINK gum!
Heavy Heavy Hang Over
Pink pettiskirt from Auntie Jen.
Two dolls: One from Mommy and One from Nana. The doll bed from Nana too.
Dora jammies!
Mommy and Kaylee Nicole

Pink cupcakes in the shape of a 2

Yummy pink frosting.

Birthday guest:
Auntie Bean, Uncle Jared, Nana, Grandpa, Daddy, Mommy
Jessie Pie, Braden, Nic Nic, Brookie Boo

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