Monday, July 5, 2010

Telford Family Vacation-Beach & Boatin' Day

Our campsite was located right next to the lake. We rented a boat for a day. It was nice and warm and tons of family fun!Kaylee Nicole


Horrible picture BUT proof that I jumped in the lake! I hate cold water and Brent was telling me I was no fun cuz I never just jump in the lake....PROOF!


Ashley & Brookie

Nic Nic (Love her little tongue :)

Mommy & her kidos!

Brookie (or an eye and an ear of Brookie), Nikki, Emma, Jessie, Ashley, Megan

Braden lowered himself into the lake (no jumping for him).

Brookie (she jumped...surprisingly).

Nic Nic jumped!

Jessie jumped over and over and over and over and over....

The boat was a hit!

Ash and Brookie

Jessie-pie and Megan

Braden, Koby, Justin


Nic Nic

Claire Bear, Braden and Nikki

Braden Michael

Brookie caught a butterfly. She is a lover of butterflies.

Jessie and Megan

Family picnic time.

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