Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Telford Family Vacation-Pirate Day

The family vacation this year was put on by me. It was a Pirate theme and the kids and I ha the funnest time planning it and getting everything ready. We send out invitations that we burnt the edges of and then rolled them and put them in a bottle with sand and mailed them to everyone. We had a treasure hunt with a treasure map and a treasure chest at the end. It was filled with all kinds of pirate booty! We then took a picture with the jolly roger!

A Pirates Life For Me!

The treasure map.
Each family had their own and then a separate sheet that gave them the directions.

The Treasure! One for each family.

Lots and lots of cousins! My kids LOVE it! The pirate pinata'.

Kaylee Nicole





Brookie talked Papa into trying a Warhead. It was hilarious!

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