Saturday, May 16, 2009

Kaylee Nicole's first swim

Kaylee Nicole had her first taste of swimming. Our family LOVES to go swimming and Kaylee Nicole fell right in line. One of our favorite places is David Walley's Hot Springs, Pool and Spa. She had such a great time. She was in the water with Brent the entire time we were there. The kids were so cute with her. They were so excited to have her there.

Kaylee Nicole looked so cute. Such a stylish little swimmer!
Wee! So high! Kaylee Nicole squeeled with delight!We LOVE summer time. Brent is the best daddy and always swims with the kids while I get a few minutes off to relax in the sun!
Brookie was a huge help with Kaylee Nicole.Braden loves Spideyman!
Jessie and Kaylee Nicole getting ready to go.Such a long first day of swimming. She wore herself out!


  1. I love her glasses. Your kids are darling. have a fun summer!

  2. No wonder why your kids are such excellent swimmers, you start them young! What a doll baby!

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  4. Okay, this is pretty much the cutest thing i've ever seen. Kaylee looks adorable. I love the picture of her asleep at the bottom. What a cute family!

  5. So cute! I love the sunglasses!