Friday, May 29, 2009

Powder Puff 2009

Every year Brent coaches one of the teams for the Douglas High School Powder Puff Football Game. It is the Junior girls vs. Senior girls. It is like the Super Bowl in Douglas County. It was the first year they let them play the game on the turf field and both grand stands were packed. The coach stays with the class for both the Junior and Senior year. So, Brent had the Juniors this year and will have them next year again as seniors. They have 3 days of practice and then play the game on Friday night under the lights. Brent had almost 80 girls this year. Brent is very competitive and he says the hardest thing is making sure every girl gets playing time and still winning the game. My kids also love it because I take them to the practices and the game and they get to hang out of the field with the players. One of the other varsity coaches, and Brent's good friend, coaches the other team. Brent has won every year he has coached except for last year and he didn't want to lose again. The juniors were the underdog and everyone thought they were going to get stomped. Everyone thought that except for Brent and the juniors! It was an excellent game and came down to the final 20 seconds and the juniors were down by 2 points. Brent called a timeout and in the huddle said okay QB you pitch it to her and then you throw it to her. You catch her throw and then we win. The hook and ladder. They had never practiced it before. And it worked and they won! SOOOO exciting! After the game (right before this first picture) Brooke and Jessie did some tricks for the girls. Jessie did some roundoffs and carwheels and stuff and Brooke was going to do a roundoff and 2 backhandsprings but the adreniline must have been pumping because she did a roundoff backtuck. She was SOOOO pumped! She has been working on it for soooo long.
Class of 2010...CHAMPIONS!
Brent's #1 Fans
Brent always agrees to coach powder puff as long as his kids can hang out at the practices and his girls get shirts to match the team. Done.
Brent's reaction to a play. I tried to get some good pics of his coaching but I needed to be on the other sideline. Maybe during the regular season I'll get some.
Brent coaching. I absolutely LOVE my new camera Brent got me for Christmas (and Derek showing me how to actually use it). This picture is from the grandstands!
Kaylee Nicole's first DHS t-shirt. Thanks Becky Rudger (one of the Asst. Principals).
Brooke and Jessie watching from the sideline.
Brent loves winning...even if it was Powder was still football!

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  1. seriously, seriously.... could you guys be any cuter? so fun, i love that your girls all have the matching shirts! powder puff football is awesome... i remember we tried to pull it together when i was in high school but it had been banned a couple years earlier... lame, i'm glad it still happens here, and that they have great coaches making it a good game!

    and kaylees sunglasses couldn't get any cuter!
    and brookie is amazing, sooo talented!