Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween 2009

We had the never ending Halloween this year! On Thursday the kids wore their costumes to school. Braden and Kaylee Nicole and I went to watch the costume parade at school and then went back to both Brookie and Jessie's class parties that afternoon. Friday there was no school for Nevada Day and we had Trunk or Treat at the church. There was soup and salad and bread and then we played Bingo and then went outside for the Trunk or Treat. Saturday was actually Halloween and we got dressed up one more time and headed to the Safe Zone at Line Drive U and did some put put golf and then we went Trick or Treating at Nana and Grandpa's neighborhood. Now that Brookie and Jessie are getting older one or two houses doesn't cut it. We trick or treated FOREVER! But it was a geourgous night with a full moon. We didn't even wear jackets. Braden stuck right with the girls until the very end. Brent did bow out early with Kaylee Nicole. (The Ducks AND the Yankees were on!)The kids at the Trunk or Treat
The kids before school
Brookie was a LadybugJessie was a Vampire
Braden got a Power Ranger costume to wear this year but he decided he wanted to save it for the Trunk or Treat so he wore his Spiderman costume (from the previous year) to the school parade.
Kaylee Nicole was Snow White...she was definitely the hit of the school!
Wow...this is a big pumpkin!
Braden's Power Ranger costume at the trunk or treat.
Mommy and Kaylee Nicole
Uncle Jared, Braden, Auntie Bean
I love my little sister!
Kaylee Nicole and Daddy
Uncle Jared, Kaylee Nicole and Auntie Bean
Jared and Christine drove down from Reno for the trunk or treat and then stayed and babysat for us while Brent and I went out to a movie with our friends.
April and Brent
Yeah! A date!

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  1. your kids are sooo ute! it was fun seeing them all dressed up at trunk or treat. That picture of Kaylee Nicole sitting on the floor smileing is killing me right now. can i have her... no, srsly, can I?