Saturday, October 10, 2009

Potato Harvest

I was determined to take my kids to the farm during harvest this year and we made it...just in time! We went in October the week before they finished. We were going to Idaho for my brother Mark and his wife, Paige's baby blessing. My newest little niece Sicily Telford. We got to my parents house on Friday night and spent the night there. The next day the kids had a fun time playing outside. My parents purchased another farm in Arco, ID and Mark is running it. We drove to Arco and got there late Saturday night. Good thing they work the longest hours of any job during harvest time so I could take my kids to the cellars and show them some of the harvest operation. Brookie was with Mijken and Kaylee Nicole was asleep but I had fun showing Jessie and Braden some of the stuff.
Braden and Brookie catching butterflies.
Kaylee Nicole, Brookie and Jessie at Papa and Grandma Telford's house.
Braden and Jessie riding with Uncle Cody in a big potato truck. They couldn't believe that Mommy used to drive those big trucks in high school.
Braden, Uncle Cody, Jessie and Uncle Jared
Uncle Cody and Jessie
The Arco farm cellars.
Jessie, Uncle Mark and BradenThe favorite Uncle Cody and Braden, Jessie and Papa (the hardest working, most family dedicated man I know). I love you Dad!

Jessie was just in awe about the number of potatoes. She said "Wow! That is alot of potatoes for Papa and Grandma Telford to eat!" I told her that they didn't eat them all and Jessie said. "Yeah, I guess they get to share them will all the cousins!" I had to explain how the potato seed business works!
Braden and Jessie

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