Saturday, October 3, 2009

Cinderella Girl Prelim

Our good friend Yvette is the preliminary director for Cinderella girl in Reno so we decided last minute to enter Brooke and Jessie to give them a little bit of stage and interview practice prior to NAM Nationals. Brooke pretty much finished off a talent the night before and then on the drive to Reno the next morning we did a short review on Cinderella girl. They both did such a beautiful job and surprised me by both winning their divisions. I didn't get any pictures of Brookie's talent. I was too nervous and just stood there holding the camera and watching! Funny! Jessie's age group does "tot personality" instead of talent. It is an on stage interview. (Personally I would rather do a talent!) She was VERY cute and her answers were funny! The best part of the day was Uncle Jared and Auntie Bean came and watched!Jessie competing in casualwear.
Brookie in Casualwear...I'm not sure why I didn't get any of her competing individual but here she is in group judging. She's the one on the right almost the end in the blue/black school girl outfit.
Jessie competing in beauty/partywear.
Brookie competing in beauty/partywear.
My two happy girls. I'm so glad they are such good sisters to each other.
Braden "enjoying" the pageant (hehe).
Jessie won the tot division and Brookie won the Miniature Miss Division...Braden won my heart!

Auntie Bean and Uncle Jared came to watch.

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