Wednesday, August 18, 2010

1st Day of School for the Girls

Brookie and Jessie are at Pinion Hills Elementary School.
We didn't go school shopping this year because it's still super hot outside and they have tons of summer clothes and Pinion provides all supplies. All your required to purchase is a backpack. Therefore, backpack shopping was going to be VERY intense this year. From last's years experience with backpack shopping with Brookie, Brent said we were only going to 2 stores. (We had to seriously go to about 10 stores to find one she liked!) We decided to start at Ross and then we could walk to Target if we couldn't find anything at Ross. Brent did relent and agree that if we found an "okay" backpack at Ross but wanted to just check out Target and then if she decided she liked the Ross backpack better and needed to go back to Ross that still only counted as 2 stores. Haha! Brookie can work her daddy sometimes. Luckily, all three kids found just what they wanted at Ross! Happy year of backpack shopping. Nic Nic refused to get in the picture...very upsetting for me. Haha. Cute little picture anyway :)

Jessie requested a french braid headband for the first day with the rest curly. Her backpack is Silver Spirit green with black trim with LOTS of pockets.
Jessie is in 2nd grade this year and has Mrs. Tollmann.

Brookie requested big poofy crimped hair down. Her backpack is a Roxy backpack and is white with aqua and purple designs.
Brookie is in 3rd grade this year and has Mrs. Helms.

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