Monday, August 16, 2010

Braden's 4th Birthday

I love having a little boy so much! And he is all boy. He loves Spiderman and Batman and any kind of ball game. He loves to play football with Jessie and Daddy and baseball with all his sisters. He loves his grandpa spending hours with him letting him pitch. He loves golfing and is the best brother. He is loving to all his sisters and loves snuggle time with mommy. He loves putting together puzzles and knows all his alphabet and his numbers. He is VERY good at the DS and the Wii. He loves playing with his matchbox cars and his car garage. His very most favorite thing is riding his bike. He can already ride without training wheels and loves setting up jumps. He loves to ride super fast and then slam on his brakes and see how long of a mark he can make with his tire. He loves peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and sometimes I think he eats more than the 3 girls put together. He does NOT like candy. He likes having everything on a routine...especially bedtime. Pajama's, brush teeth, brookie's eye excercises, prayers and then to bed. In that order! I can't believe you are already 4.
Guess what's in the bag???

Donuts in bed for the birthday boy!

Braden put so many miles on his first power wheels 4 wheeler. He rode it until it wouldn't run. He got a "big" 4 wheeler for his birthday this year. (Don't worry...still a battery operated one.) He was SUPER excited.

Giving his sisters a ride.

Birthday party at the beach!

Complete with ice cream cake with cars on it.
(Yes, ice cream was difficult but we made it happen.)

Braden, Logan, & Trace
We invited two of Braden's good buddies.

Nic Nic


Brookie and her friend Tenielle

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