Friday, August 6, 2010

Blue Lake Camping Trip

Uncle Cody came to visit for a weekend so we planned an overnight camping trip to Blue Lake. It's about an hour from our house over the California border. It is hidden away really well and such a beautiful fun campground. Great for kids!
Kaylee Nicole on the big rock.

Braden on the big rock.

Jessie on the big rock.

Brookie and Lola on the big rock.

Uncle Cody was very excited about his picture on the big rock! Can ya tell?
Our camper was in Idaho at Papa's house so we got to set up our tent and spend the night in it. It was fun setting it up but it was cold and miserable sleeping in it. I now appreciate our camper that much more!
Brookie and Jessie

Daddy and Braden

Uncle Cody and Brookie

Lil' Nic Nic

Ta Dah!

Good thing for Uncle Cody! He got the kids some nice big marshmellow sticks. They were long enough you didn't burn your face while roasting!

Daddy and Nicki Cole

Braden letting Nic Nic try on his hat.

We all brought our bikes and went on a nice long bike ride.

It puts Nicki to sleep every time!

The lake was COLD...Brent is always up for a dive in freezing water.

Braden "helping" Lola swim in the water.

Jessie saving Lola from Braden.

Brent showing Braden the minnows.

Ah! There they are! Braden thought it was the coolest thing with the minnows swimming around his feet.

One guess which kid was crazy and brave enough to dive in????? was Jessie!

Nic Nic got in pretty deep...with a little "encouragement" from Brent.


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