Saturday, November 6, 2010

Go Tumbleweeds!

Jessie has been on team for about 4 months. They have to be invited to try out for team and Jessie made it! She is the youngest on the girl competitive team right now. They work out three days a week for 4 hours each day. I thought it might be to much for her so we said we would try it for a month. She absolutely loves it! Can't get enough of it. Competitions don't start until December but they had a fitness day at the gym and the team was asked to come and give demonstrations. Jessie was really pumped to be able to do some performing with her team. Jessie modeling her team leo and warmups.

Kaylee Nicole got invited to come for the Kinder Gym demonstration (probably cuz she's so stinkin' CUTE)!

Two of my little gymnast : )

Jessie and girls team head coach. Coach Shamra. We love her!

Jessie back tuck on tramp.

Nic Nic on parallel bars.

Nic Nic on bars.

Jessie in the front right with some of the team girls.

This is Nikki jumping into the ball pit. I sometimes wish she wasn't so brave. She has no fear!

Getting ready for bars.

This is just a photo so we can admire the perfect french braid work by me = )

Pause on the bars for a picture.

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