Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

My sister and I decided to host Thanksgiving Dinner at my house this year. It was the best Thanksgiving EVER! We had 47 of our closed friends and family come and fill themselves with food and fun! I am so Thankful for my faith, family, friends and food! There were over 300 pictures to pick from so this may seem like a lot of pictures but all things considered I'd say I narrowed it down pretty well.
The invite!

Aunt Rhiannon made Grandma Jean's (Brent's Grandma on his dad's side) famous stacked pudding (my request) and her even more famous chocolate peanut butter pie (Brent's request, pictured below). They turned out perfect!

Bob and Linda (Brent's mom and dad)


Bob and Brent

Papa Telford's famous homemade dressing. Perfect!

Uncle D and Braden

Yummy! I have amazing family and friends. All amazing cooks. Christine did most of the cooking. All homemade!

Papa carving the turkey. Aunt Mijken and Trevor and Micah Rhead in the back ground.

Me and my daddy. Everything was so delicious!

Careful Braden.


Kaylee Nicole

Lots of kids! We Love em'


Jerrik and a drumstick!

Good job daddy's!
Uncle Bobby and Kaleb, Uncle Mark and baby Sicily

Apron says it all!

Auntie Bean's homemade apple pie...delish!

Haha...I'm not sure what it is that was so interesting but a fun picture!
Brent, Uncle Mark, me, Uncle Cody

Uncle Aaron and his baby Cedric

Nana and Nik Nik

Bean made my mom's homemade strawberry cheese cake. Uncle Mark and Uncle Cody fighting over the first piece.

The kids getting ready for the gift game. The girls must have been playing dress ups.
Emma, Claire, Megan holding Kaleb, Jessie holding Sicily, Nikki in front of Jessie and Braden

Auntie Bean making out tags for the game. Kylie Rhead in the background. I have the most beautiful sister ever...inside and out!

My Betty Crocker photoshoot. Blah...

Braden and Justin eating Auntie Jen's famous dip!

It wouldn't be a party without Grandma Telfords detoxing foot bath. Auntie Jen taking a turn.

The three oldest cousing.
Kegan, Brookie and Ashley

The next three cousin (Alaina is missing...there's four this age.)
Jessie, Emma and Megan

More cousins.
Jerik, Claire, Braden, Jessie, Sydney, Megan, Jaci

Jessie, Paige and Megan
(Paige is a Rhead but might as well be a cousin :)

The Wii was a definite hit!

Jerick, Braden, Kegan holding Cedric, Brookie holding Lola, Nic Nic, Jessie, Megan, Sydney

Brookie and Cedric

Kaylee Nicole and Baby Sis

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