Sunday, November 28, 2010

Kids Christmas Tree

We were very on top of things this year. The same day all the cousins left from Thanksgiving, we had the kids Christmas tree out and set up. It took a few more days for me to get my giant new gorgeous PERFECT green prelit tree out and decorated...but I must say...the kids tree was WAY more fun!
Putting on the star always seems to be such an this year everyone helped to put on the star!
Decorating the tree is always such a fun family activity! (Hardly any fighting...hehe)
My kids love to do crazy face pictures!
Braden did talk daddy into letting him have his own turn with the star.
Then we found the new star I bought on clearance last year so Nic Nic got to have her own turn with a star also!
Jessie set up the village for me this year!

A family picture in front of the green tree. Our family got to sing in the family choir at church for Christmas. Sounded like a great reason for new matching dresses and ties ; )

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