Monday, January 17, 2011

Back to back

We had Brookie's cheer competition in Sacramento and then Jessie's meet in Reno the following day. She did really well. She medaled in every event and all around again.
Bars: 8.0

Beam: 7.6

Floor: 8.025

Vault: 9.1

AA: 32.725 Jessie placing 4th (tie) in some event :) Sorry! Too hard to keep track of them all!

Jessie on bars. They don't allow flash photography at the gymnastics meets and they don't allow you to go up close to the event so it's very hard for me to get pictures of Jessie. I bought this one from the professional photographer that was there. It's hard because they just kind of walk around and take random pictures. I was happy they got this one of Jessie.

Brookie is Jessie's biggest cheerleader. Gymnastics meets are very different from cheer competitions in that you don't scream and shout and jump up and down during your teams routine like you do at a cheer comp. At a meet you yell "go Jessie" prior to their saluting the judge for their event. And then when they salute to finish you can then yell "good job Jessie". That's pretty much it. However, not if your sister is Brookie! Then you hear LOTS of "go Jessie's and good job Jessie's and you rock Jessie". I love that the entire gym can hear Brookie cheering on her sister! Happy mommy moment!

Rose from a proud Daddy!

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