Saturday, January 1, 2011

Starting the year off in Idaho!

We were in Idaho for the first day of 2011. We went to Tyler and Lain's house to see the newest nephew and cousin. Kyler Telford. It's always fun to go to their house during the winter. They live in Preston and it is beautiful. They have a house that sits up next to this huge hill that makes the perfect sledding and snowmobiling hill. It was a blast!

Brookie's friend Tenielle came with us. Those two and Ashley had a great time playing together and slept in this tiny little play area under the stairs.

Me and my hero daddy!

My mom would definelty qualify as the woman I most admire. She's giving Jessie a rub down. Grandma Telford gives and gives and gives. She is the most selfless person I know!

Justin and Braden
Brent and Tyler pumping some iron.
Emma, Alaina and Jessie.
(Megan isn't here but those 4 girls can play and fight like no girls I've ever seen!)
Nic Nic and Claire Bear
Yummy hot cocoa!

Emma Sue

Brookie and Teni

Brent pulling Emma and Ashley. They all rode backwards to keep from getting sprayed with snow.


Sweet little Kyler.

Jessie and Sicily on Cinnamon at Grandma Telfords

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