Monday, February 21, 2011

JAMZ Nationals

Another season of cheer finished. Driving down to Vegas Brent and I were talking about how this may be Brookie's last year of cheer unless we figure out some way to keep the club going. But it is soooo much work and I don't want to run a cheer club any longer. It takes too much time away from the rest of the family and I just want to be the supportive mom who drives her daughter and gives her support and tells her how good she is doing. I must be burnt out because I didn't get many cheer pictures. Just family ones. We always stay at Sam's Town when we go to Vegas. It is such a family oriented Casino Hotel (if there is such a thing haha).

Brookie insisted we go back to the competition the last night so she could watch the higher level squads. We sat there for 3 hours until 11 P.M. because Brookie didn't want to leave. She was mesmerized. She kept saying. "That's gonna be me some day. Mom, Dad do you think I could do that? I can't wait to get on a high level team and go to Worlds." This is a picture of Brookie when we finally got back to the hotel that night. Brent said, "I'm glad Brookie has you as a mom because after seeing her tonight and the dream in her eyes, you will make it happen for her. So here's to another year of cheer next year!" And so I'm praying my hardest that somehow I can make it work for her to cheer and me not have to run it... so I can JUST BE THE SUPPORTIVE MOM!

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