Sunday, February 27, 2011

The sick meet

Jessie caught the sickness that I had. She missed 2 practices the week of the meet. It was the Spirit of the Flame meet in San Jose. We drove down that day because she didn't have to be there until 5 PM. When we arrived her temperature was 103. I gave her some tylenol. By 5:30 her temperature was about 99 and she seemed ok. The meet started out really well. She did really well on bars and then did "ok" on beam. Then they had a break. I could see her sitting there during break and I could tell she was going down hill. She just looked miserable. The next event was floor. About half way through floor warm ups she went and sat at the edge of the mat. She sat there until it was her turn. When she stood up and took the mat she was white as a ghost and her ears were bright red. She stared out ok and then she missed her handstand forward roll. By the time she rolled over she was behind on her leaps. She did her handstand to bridge and fell on her head and had to kick three times to kick over. So then she totally missed her splits. The tumbling pass is the final thing. She hit her head on her backhandspring. She did her final pose and before she had even walked off the mat broke down in tears. Her coach cuddled her up and held and comforted her. They were'nt going to have her compete in vault but then she started crying that she wanted to finish. She did one warm up and didn't make it over the vault so she skipped her other 2 warmups and when it was her turn the coach stood there in case she didn't make it over and fell back. Amazing enough she completed both her turns pretty well. After she was dismissed she came over to me and just fell into my arms crying. Her temperature was 104. We gave her some advil and rented a hotel and she slept and slept. When she woke up in the morning she was feeling much better.

Bars: 8.35

Beam: 8.025

Floor: 7.1

Vault: 8.4

AA: 31.875

Amazingly she still ended up metaling in bars, vault and all around. She is a trooper. Very proud of her hard work and determination.

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