Friday, February 20, 2009

Runner Up

Brooke is in her second year of competitive all star cheerleading. She is on the Level 1 Mini's Squad at Silver Spirit All Stars. They qualified for Nationals which were held in Las Vegas a few weekends ago. I was trying to get the video of them onto the post but couldn't figure out how to get only their squad. I have a genius friend working on it for me so pictures for now; video later. The mini's took 2nd place. We were so proud of them. They did an awesome job. They were 3rd last year and were really happy to move up a spot. They all received silver medals. I had a little outfit made for Kaylee Nicole. Brookie was so proud of her.Lining up to head backstage to warm ups.JAMZ Nationals. The stage.Takin' the stage!

Brooke's scorpion
We absolutely love the "facials" part of it. Brooke does such a good job at it.

Brookie was so happy to have metalled two years in a row.

Brookie and their trophy.

Some of the squad. Brookie's American Girl Doll has a matching cheer outfit.

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  1. I have not been checking this near enough. Love the posts! I put the links on the side of my blog now so I can stay on top of it better. Your kids have really cute personalities.