Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My beautiful boy (I mean HANDSOME)

Braden's 2 1/2 year old pictures. We missed the 2 year pictures. I guess time flies... I'm so happy that I have Braden Michael. He is the happiest little guy and so much fun. He sure adds a different twist to this family of girls. I love him so much.
Braden wanted to have his picture in the airplane..."just like Uncle Cody flies a airplane".

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  1. We, too love having a boy among all the girls! He certainly is all boy and I think his dad makes sure of that! One of my fondest memories is Braden sitting on the floor in the bathroom patiently waiting for mom to fix the Girl's hair so they could leave. He just sat there waiting. I thought to myself, "How many hours will you be waiting for these sisters and thier hair, their clothes,the bathroom, the phone, and all the other 'girl' things?" You hang in their stick!