Monday, February 16, 2009

Telford Snowmobiling Trip

So, I finally made the jump and am now a BLOGGER! I'm told this should be very easy. All I have to do is take the photos that I send out periodically and put them onto a post. Sounds easy enough but noone ever told me about having to come up with a cute name and a cute background and all the other jazz that I have now spent HOURS trying to create. But it looks like I am finally ready: )

We drove 12 hours to Preston, Idaho, where my brother Tyler and his family live for the annual Telford family snowmobiling trip. It just happened that it fell on Valentine's Day and my birthday. It was a wonderful time and well worth the 24 hours of driving.
Happy 33rd Birthday to me. Thanks for all the decorations and the cakes! I love being part of a big family. It makes everything that much more fun!Both of our girls were pretty fearless. This is Brooke catching some "mega air" off the jump. Brent is in the background giving her that extra push to help her hit the jump at top speed. Jessie sliding down the HUGE hill. They got going so fast. The kids must have hiked up and down the hill about 1000 times (without any soreness the next day)!Braden really loved the snow hill and the long as Daddy was with him.

All the adults (and Kaylee Nicole) drove into Logan for Valentine's dinner. A fun and yummy date!

There was a MAJOR foosball tournament. Jared and Christine were the champions. (However, I have to add that Brent and I did beat them 2 out of the 4 times we played them. It was just the 2 times that didn't count. I had to add that for Brent's dignity. I love my competative husband!)


  1. I'm so glad that you finally started one. It will be so much fun to check it. They are a really fun way to keep in touch with each others lives when we live far from home (like Idaho for you, and Texas for me). I am so glad that you get to come here so much though. It is fun getting to know you a little better each time. Keep up the good work, the blog looks way cute!

  2. I'm so excited that you have a blog now! YEAH! It looks like you had a great trip. Thanks for sharing. Good luck with your next post hopefully it will go faster now that it's all set up.

  3. We love the way you put family as your number one priority! Thank you, April, for taking the time learn to do this! I am impressed! You are so talented in so may ways is it any wonder your children are so talented, as well? Brent has something to do with it, I am sure, but you certainly are impressive! Thank you for the greatest gifts of all....four sources of life!!!!!!!!!!