Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cinderella Pictures

I was so caught up in learning to take video from the recorder and put it onto my laptop and then into a post that I didn't even think about posting any pictures from the pageant. I was just getting ready to post Brooke's cheer competition and I saw this one of Braden at the pageant. He was so bored and Brent was so proud of him for being bored! "Pageant's are for girls! Football is for boys!" (We all sure hope Braden grows up to love sports as much as Brent wants him to. We aren't worried though, Brent has him well on his way!)
This picture is of Brooke getting in one more second of holding Kaylee Nicole before she was rushed off to casual wear. Brooke and Jessie are the best when it comes to helping out with Kaylee Nicole.
Braden loves to help with Kaylee Nicole too. He loves holding her and we have even caught him trying to do it on his own!

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  1. April your kids are soooo cute! I love you having a blog now! I love Kaylee's "cheer" outfit. You make having kids look really fun, not like those moms who act like it's a chore to have their kids around. Give them all hugs from me and Mark!