Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Two Park Days in One Day

Both Jessie and Brookie had their end of year park day on the same day this year. Luckily one was in the morning and the other was in the afternoon. We went to Jessie's first in Carson City. She and Braden played and played on the jungle gyms and then we had lunch with her. Mommy's little monkey.
We had a very hard time getting Braden to stop for a picture. We never did quite get him looking!
Braden and Jessie on the big slide.

Then we hurried over to Brookie's school for their afternoon at the park. Brookie spent most of the time holding Kaylee Nicole while her friends all ohh'd and ahh'd over how cute she was and Brookie just beemed with pride. The rest of the time she spent with Braden on the slide and swings and playing kickball. Braden got to spend the entire day at the park. He was in heaven. It was a fun day and a great way to wind up the school year.

Brookie and her BFF Savanna Brown.
Braden playing kickball.
Savanna and Brookie helping Braden run the bases.
Brookie will make such a great mommy. She totally has the hold them on your hip thing down. Braden almost weighs as much as she does but she insists on carrying him.
No, this did not end well. Braden was trying to jump out of the swing...like Brookie does. He hopped right up though and was off and running to the next thing.
Brookie and Kaylee Nicole

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