Saturday, June 6, 2009

Kids Fishing Derby

It was the annual fishing derby at Lampe Park. They stock a little stream the night before and then the kids get to fish in it. They have a two fish limit and a two hour limit. Ages 3-5 get one adult to help them and ages 6-12 fish by themselves. It has been so much fun. We have done it every year since Brookie was 3. It's such a fun memory. Braden was so excited. This was his first time.
It was such a fun day and we were so glad that Papa, Grandma and Uncle Cody got to come share in the fun with us.Kaylee Nicole, Uncle Cody and Grandma Telford made a great cheering squad.
They try so hard to make sure that the kids are the ones doing the fishing and not the adults. Don't be fooled by the picture...Jessie and Braden really loved it!Seriously...Braden and Jessie loved the fishing part!Brookie reeling it in...all by herself!Jessie's big catch.
Braden's big catch.
These are three guys that I love so much.
My dad. My son. My husband.Brookie and Paige Rhead posing for a picture.
Brookie is old enough to fish on her own. She was a pro. she knew how to cast and everything. (even how to pose for a super cute picture)

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