Friday, June 5, 2009

Jessie graduated from Capital Christian School Kindergarten. She is now a 1st grader. She received the Principal's Merit and Academic Awards in her class. At the school awards she received the Pastor's Award for Academics's. She is our little smartie pants! We are very proud of you Jessie. Time is just flying by. We sure love you and your sweet spirit Jessie pie!
Jessie and Mrs. Litz (The BEST teacher EVER!)
Jessie and one of her best friends, Claire. Yes, Jessie really is that petite!
Lots of love! Nana, Aunt Kara, Kaylee Nicole, Papa, Grandma Telford, Uncle Cody, Mommy, Brooke, and Braden all came to watch. (oh, Daddy was there too)
My little Jessie Pie.
Brent had to leave as soon as it was over so he didn't get to be in the pictures: (
Our little Jessie is growing up.
Getting her advancement certificate.
She looks so diligent. No wonder she got so many awards!
Uncle Cody came all the way from BYU-I to watch. He rode the train here. The kids are sure he is now the coolest uncle ever! He knows how to fly an airplane AND he rode a train! Yep, pretty much the coolest!

A video of some of the ceremony. Doesn't the song just melt your heart! The other kindergarten class sang a different patriotic song. It was a wonderful presentation.


  1. She is seriously the cutest diligent petite thing... i want o be her mother in law someday...shhh, don't tell Brent!
    I guess for now i will settle with being her Sunday school teacher.

  2. Lily would love it if Jessie went to her school this coming year. Even better, in her class. It's Mrs. Grua's. Hint, hint:)

  3. Jessie looks so cute at her graduation. I wish that we could have been there. Hope we see you sometime soon.